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Bishop Gross Lincoln Primary Flexi PGCE....anyone?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by lizzieB, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. Have interview coming up.

    Has anyone been already or going to have interview?
  2. Hi LizzieB,

    I have applied for this course too but I've not heard if I have an interview as yet. Did you find out about your interview through Track or by e-mail. I'm so hoping to get an interview as I really want to get on this course. My application was sent to them on the 22nd Feb :( Do you have an interview for the Lower or Upper primary course? Very best of luck.
  3. I've still not heard back from them and now the course says it is full on the GTTR. I've e-mailed them a couple of times too but received no reply. Looks like I've missed out if the course starts so soon. I'm gutted :(
  4. Well done on interview! I arrived at 9am and was finished by 12pm.They do say it can take up to 2pm though. My interview was just in the Uni although website says they take you to a school. Good luck!

  5. Not received any more info about the interview as yet and it is next Tuesday! Would anyone mind telling me what the interview entails. I want to try to prepare as much as possible.Thank you,
  6. Sorry, Only just seen these posts.

    My interview is next Monday so I'm still in the dark!

    Have you chosen upper or lower primary?

    My presentation is on the qualities teacher need to enable learning.
    I'm not sure if we need to add quotes or not though !?!
  7. Hi lizzieB. I have applied for lower primary but I've not received any details about anything yet- time, where to go or anything about any presentation. Please would you mind telling me what the whole day entails from the info you have so far. Looks like I'm not going to have much time to prepare :(
  8. Hi, I applied for upper but will tell you everything I know!

    9am presentation about program and questions.
    9.30 Numeracy test and candidate presentation. 5min to group of around 8 people ' what are key qualities that teachers need to enable children to be effective learners. may use pp but don't have to.
    10.30 lunch
    11.00 prep for writing task
    11.05 begin writing task and individual interview begins approx 15-20 mins.

    This is all the info I have !
    Have you checked your Email ? I had email first and was then sent same details through post.
    My interview is a week 2m what about you?
  9. Hooray - I phoned them and I've received the same e-mail so thank you for your help :) Yes, I'm there a week on Tues too so no doubt I will see you there. Good luck and I hope we both do really well.
  10. Hi - no news as yet. Yes, they said they would let us know by e-mail as soon as they had made any decisions as enrollment will be next Friday. I should imagine it will be tomorrow we find out.
  11. I feel slightly sick!
    I hope we both get a place as it would be nice to meet you.
    Fingers crossed for 2m
  12. I know waiting, waiting, waiting.....

    I'm off out for the day to keep myself busy. To be honest I'm not that confident as the competition is so tough.

    Yes, good luck to us both. It would be lovely to meet you. Let me know how you get on (if we hear today! I hope they don't drag it on until after the weekend aaaaagggrrrr).
  13. Just got home. No e-mail but I checked Track and I have a place (conditional on all form filling etc.). Whoopie!!!! Have you heard anything?
  14. Me too. I can't wait to start. See you soon
  15. Hi, I'm also starting flexi pgce, I had my interview in Feb. Can I ask if anyone knoes if we will get a training bursary? I was told at my interview that we wouldn't but then I have been asked to fill in a form to claim it! Are you going to enrollment day on 15th April?
  16. yes - I'll be there Friday too. Gosh there is a lot to sort out financially very quickly isn't there. I contacted a student who is already doing the flexi course and because the teaching element of the course is over a year (Easter to Easter) then the course is classed as full-time for funding applications. Have any of you applied for funding etc.? I have 3 little children and no idea where to start about getting funding for childcare etc. I hope they can give us a huge amount of info on Friday. Will we have to pay anything on Friday? Are you taking all your CRB forms and the other forms on Friday or should they be posted before hand?
  17. That's great news about it being full time.
    You can apply online for student finance @ student finance.co.uk and you will need to apply for the childcare grant. We should get about 85% paid, I also have three kids. But we do need to check if we are going to get that bursary or not.
  18. The forms I think will be fine to go on Friday.
  19. I've phoned Student Support about whether the course is FT or PT. Things have changed for this year. It is now classed as PT but we should get the bursary. Yes it does completely limit what else we are entitled too. I'm going to really struggle with childcare costs.
  20. Yes, me too !
    I'm now considering applying for a professional development loan via co-op bank or barcleys.
    You pay it back after the course.
    How old are your children? Mine are 9,6 and 1.

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