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Birth Stories

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by kritur, Dec 23, 2011.

  1. Thought I would start this so they don't get lost in the various threads. I'm from Winter Babies 2011/2012. Not sure what to put in but here's the bare bones of it.
    Date: 4th Dec (40+2)
    How: Induction (pessary) at 40+1 due to pre eclampsia diagnosed at routine MW appt at 40+0
    Time in active labour: 43 mins according to my notes! Couple of pushes.
    People present: Me and 2 midwives, birth partner didn't get back in time!
    Pain relief: Hot water bottle, paracetamol, codeine, gas and air for last 10 mins
    Baby: Girl 6lb 11oz, cord 2x round neck but fine
    Post birth: Post-partum haemorrage (1.7l!), retained membranes (didn't go til I was pushing, manual removal by docs rummaging in my insides!), day in special care unit (for me not baby).
    Hospital stay: 5 days (one night before induction, one dilating and rest recovering)
    Basically it's not good to shoot babies out that fast!
  2. Thought I would start this so they don't get lost in the various threads. I'm from Winter Babies 2011/2012. Not sure what to put in but here's the bare bones of it.
    Date: 4th Dec (40+2)
    How: Induction (pessary) at 40+1 due to pre eclampsia diagnosed at routine MW appt at 40+0
    Time in active labour: 43 mins according to my notes! Couple of pushes.
    People present: Me and 2 midwives, birth partner didn't get back in time!
    Pain relief: Hot water bottle, paracetamol, codeine, gas and air for last 10 mins
    Baby: Girl 6lb 11oz, cord 2x round neck but fine
    Post birth: Post-partum haemorrage (1.7l!), retained membranes (didn't go til I was pushing, manual removal by docs rummaging in my insides!), day in special care unit (for me not baby).
    Hospital stay: 5 days (one night before induction, one dilating and rest recovering)
    Basically it's not good to shoot babies out that fast!
  3. Coolgiraffe

    Coolgiraffe Occasional commenter

    Thanks Kritur for starting this thread - very useful and interesting to read!
    Keep em coming folks!
  4. Great idea kritur. Blimey 45 minutes that's amazing!
    Ok here goes... Born 15th November bang on my due date. Had bloody show 48 hours before delivey and lost my mucus plug 1 week prior. Labour Lasted 37 hours from hind waters breaking & first contractions to delivery. Got to 5cms at home with tens machine, birthing ball and showers. Pain relef at hospital was gas and air, lots of massage, hours in the shower, heat packs and eventually one shot of diamorphine (sp?) which was blissful. Had my OH and sister there they made a brilliant team. Made it to 9.5cms but wasn't dilating past that so was given sintocin and pushed for an hour even though I had no urge to push at any point and baby wasn't descending enough to crown. Finally had to have a vontousse delivery with episiotomy as I was so exhausted by that point. Needed a drip as was quite sick after the birth. Little girl weighed 7.1. Spent 1 night on the ward (awful experience left completely alone until 4am) then 4 nights at gorgeous midwife lead unit (more like a hotel) recovering from the episiotomy as had complications in that department ouch!! At no point did I feel overwhelmed or fearful (for myself ) and I actually have some wonderful memories of the whole experience. I'd definitely do it all again :) x
  5. From Winter 10/11
    Date: 31st October 2010 (36) went into labout 35+6
    How: ventouse - episiotomu due to drop in LO's heart rate.
    Time in labour: 23 hours - denial for the first 12
    People present: OH and what felt like half of the hospital. 2 midwives, 4 paediatricians, 3 docs for me they were worried because of him being prem.
    Pain relief - diamorphine in hospital
    Baby: Boy 5lb 15oz
    Post birth - baby - couldn't feed - hadn't developed the sucking reflex so had to be fed from a cup for 3 days whilst I expressed. had to stay in 4 days until he was feeding. Hospital was amazing - fabulous support in mastering breast feeding.
    Would definitely anticiapte possiblity of having a prem baby again - hadn't packed etc.
  6. Date: went into labour at 40+3 and gave birth at 40+4
    How: spontaneous vaginal delivery with no physical intervention. due to lower back problems my contractions kept stopping whenever i was put on my back to be examined and i ended up being put on a drip to restart my contractions after 15 hours of labour.
    time in labour: 17.5 hours active labour i'm unsure. somewhere between 30 and 70minutes depending on what the midwives would class as active!
    people present: husband, midwife, student midwife (had 3 qualified midwives in total as went over 2 shift changes)
    pain relief: diamorphine when i arrived at 40+3 due to severe SPD and lower back pain. Some gas & air the following morning and then for the last half hour while my son was born i had no pain relief.
    baby: boy, 11lbs 2nd degree tear, 500ml blood loss.
    post birth: he ended up in intensive care due to problems with my blood crossing the placenta and attacking his. he was also jittery following the diamorphine and was treated with intravenous antibiotics for suspected infection. i was also kept in due to severe physical problems with my pelvis.
    giving birth was nothing compared with how awful pregnancy was for me. i was terrified of giving birth and it was actually fairly straightforward and not that painful!
  7. 11lbs! Ouch! Well done.
  8. I'm Edinburgh too and I had a 40mins car journey to the new RI [​IMG] would have been far quicker to go to the one in town too.
  9. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    Yep! That's why I was so glad when they decided to boot me out 6 hours after giving birth 2nd time round!
    Best part about being induced = no worries about how/when to get to the hospital in labour when I have a husband who doesn't drive and a toddler who needed looking after!
  10. Mrs Music

    Mrs Music New commenter

    Coffeekid are you sure you're not me?! The only difference seems to be you're in Edinburgh!

    Hope you've all had a lovely Christmas xx
  11. Thanks MM - you too!
  12. Coffee kid fear of the postnatal ward is one of the reasons I have opted for a homebirth! While I am waiting I might as well re-live my previous one.... (daughter 2.9)
    Had sweep on the Tuesday (40+2) and was apparently 1cm. On Wednesday I walked all day and even went out for a walk after dinner. I went to bed very [​IMG] that there was no sign of anything happening at all. An hour later I woke up having short but painful contractions. They became pretty close together which obviously freaked me out so I went to the hospital.
    They put me on the monitoring torture device and because I couldn't keep still they kept losing my daughter's heartbeat which the doctor on duty didn't like. As a result they kept me in for regular monitoring. Apparently I wasn't in labour as my contractions were too short, so they were looking at me like I was really soft as I writhed around in agony. I was given paracetamol (!) for pain relief. At 9am they decided that they were going to induce me because the doctor didn't like the trace. At that point I was examined and 7cm - so I clearly was in labour not just very soft!. I then had my waters broken and finally had some gas and air.
    I then had some pethidine so the next few hours I don't really remember. At some point the midwife who I had been seeing at the doctors arrived and took over and it was nice to see someone I knew. I pushed for 2 hours and eventually I had an episiotomy and then my daughter was born after a total of 18 hours. The midwife asked my husband if he wanted to cut the cord and the look on his face was a picture......needless to say she did it herself!
    I then ended up on the postnatal ward for a couple of nights as the day after I kept fainting when I got out of bed so it was hard to actually GET home. Crying babies plus woman in next bed discharging herself in the middle of the night 12 hours after CS did not make for a restful time.
  13. I have 2

    Baby girl number 1
    Born October 20 2009, labour for 47 hours, gas and air and pethedine (LOVE THAT!!!) Natural birth with episiotomy and ventouse delivery, retained placenta, PPH, emergency surgery 4 blood transfusions in hospital for 6 days (me not baby) Baby perfect 6lb 13oz

    Baby girl number 2
    Born August 8 2011, slow labour for 9 DAYS! when it actually started 45 minutes - Gas and Air - two pushes and out she popped. No complications or stiches, EASY, home in 6 hours. Baby girl Perfect 7lb 1oz
  14. Date: 16 Dec 2010 (39+6)
    How: spontaneous vaginal
    Time in active labour: about 10 hours - waters started going about 8pm, contractions began at 1am, got to hospital already 10cm about 7.30am and delivered 10.56 after stupidly long pushing stage
    Present: midwife and OH
    Pain relief: I'm not counting the hot bath or paracetemol at 6am as they did *** all, so just lovely, lovely gas and air
    Baby: pink flavour, 7lbs7
    Post birth: few stitches
    Hospital stay: 7 hours - we were home in time for Eastenders!
  15. blueone

    blueone New commenter

    I went into labour 40+9 after 2 sweeps. Lost mucus plug on Friday morning but didnt go into labout until around 7pm saturday night. Spent 2 days on labour at home as hospital were telling me i wasnt in established labour as my contractions weren't regular. Was told to have paracetemol and a bath, the bath helped a lot!
    By Monday morning id been in labour for nearly 2 days and was very tired due to no sleep at all! Went into hospital for an existing appointment to book my inducation, was contracting whilst there but they still wouldnt let me stay! They booked induction for Wednesday!!! I cried as I was exhausted and couldnt imagine spending another 2 days in labour! Was sent for a routine scan to check baby was ok. At scan , found out the baby was actually breech and I would have to have a c-section! OH was terrified and had to phone mum to tell her the news! I was actually quite happy as i wanted the labour to END!
    Was sent up to delivery suite straight away where they examined me and told me I was 7cm dialated even though they were telling me I wasnt in establised labour!!
    Baby was delivered by c section 2 hours later, a healthy 8lb 10 ounce boy!
    Was sent to ward, which was a new one and there were only 3 other women there, but the experience was horrific! Was left alone with baby, who I couldn't pick up due to the fact Id had a c section, Id also had no sleep for 3 days and was a little emotional! At 4am in the moring a kind midwife took the baby for a few hours so I could get some rest (I was calling him the wrong name and everything!!)
    Anyways, 16 months later I have an adorable (though a little naughty at the moment!!) Little boy!
  16. My water broke at 40+2 (very conveniently over the bathroom floor) I went into hospital to be checked - thinking they'd send me home and they discovered meconium in the waters. I hadn't started contractions so I had to be induced, firstly a pessary which did nothing and then by drip. I couldn't get on with the gas and air so had pethidine after 4 hours and used a tens machine. However after around 6 hours of labour, they lost LO's heartbeat on the trace, cue room full of people. They found the heartbeat again, tried to break my hindwaters (and failed.)
    I then continued for about 2 hours, and then they lost the heartbeat again, cue room full of people. I was then told they would do an emergency C-section, and that if they found the heartbeat in theatre, they would do a spinal block and if not, they would knock me out and have the baby out in 5 minutes. I was raced off down the corridor leaving my poor OH. They found the heartbeat in theatre, so I had a spinal block, I think the weirdest feelilng in my life and it meant that OH could come into theatre. I couldn't count how many people were there - lets just say lots and even more when LO was actually born as people seemed to look round the door for a look. She was fine and 7lb 13oz.
    I'm with you on the postnatal ward -the first night was fine, the second was a nightmare with two very young mothers talking all night. However I'm not going to have much choice next time because of the previous C-section but if I get away with a Vbac then I'm out of there asap!
  17. I love this thread!
    My little boy was born in August 2010. I was only 34+4 so I was not expecting to go into labour at all.
    Saturday; did faaaar too much (nesting?) including cleaning, DIY and lots of shopping for nursery and our bedroom. In the middle of the night I was woken up by a single twinge.
    Sunday; felt tired and over emotional all day, I had no why.
    Monday: I went shopping to Harrogate with SIL and a friend of hers. I had a few twinges whilst having afternoon tea at Betty's and my SIL joked that I wasn't going to be spoiling her tea and scone. The friend had her six week old baby there and I remember having a cuddle and thinking woah, I'm going to have a baby. I had no idea that I was starting labour.
    On the way home I noticed that the twinges were every twenty minutes and quite regular. That's when I knew it was the beginning, I just wish I'd had the confidence to insist the doctors believed me. I called hubby but never mentioned labour and he agreed insisted we go straight to the hospital because I was so early.
    When I got to the ward they took a urine sample and then told me they had assumed I would have a urine infection which I didn't. As someone who has a history of kidney and UTI infections I can honestly say they never give me regular twinges that feel like period pain. They examined me but I my cervix was firmly closed. The doctor said I needed to stay for obs.
    Tuesday: At about 5am I lost mucus plug. I spent all day, tired and bored in hosptal listening to a woman mooing like a cow. I decided to start timing the contractions which the midwife said were definitely irregular and would definitely wear off. She suggested a bath and two paracetomol which made them slow down. Another midwife said this was confirmation that I wasn't in labour. In the evening I asked to be sent home, they said no, I begged, they let me.
    I went home about 7pm and had lots of baths, posted on Autumn 2010 thread and pottered about. We went to bed at 10ish but I didn't sleep well. At about 1am I went to get in the bath again and realised I was losing fluid. We called the ward and they told us to come in so back we went.
    I was shown to a ward on the delivery suite where I had to lay still for an hour 'for my waters to pool (????) and it was hell. I didn't find it too bad as long as I could move about. The doctor came, said I was 4cm dilated and my waters were leaking. I then had to stay still whilst they monitored the baby for 40 minutes, again, hell.
    I was then shown to a room and given gas and air. I was disheartened to find that because I had a obstetric cholestasis (a liver problem caused by pregnancy) and I was only 34+4 I had to stay wired up to the monitor for the entire time. I kept saying I needed the loo just so I could walk.
    I was examined again at about 8am and was 6cm dilated. The midwife broke my other waters at the same time and woah, there was loads of the stuff!
    The rest is all blurry but I remember having wires put on the babys head, moving position a lot and drinking lots of lucozade. I told the midwife I wanted to feel what was going on and she told me to go ahead. I felt my little boys head before he'd even crowned, very bizarre!
    When it came to pushing my little mans heart rate kept dipping so I was only allowed a few pushed before those glorious scissors came out and he literally torpedoed across the bed.
    Our gorgeous baby boy weighed 5lb 1oz and was perfectly healthy. Like other early babies he hadn't developed a sucking reflex so he had a tube through which I fed him expressed milk.
    We in the transitional care ward for nine nights and it nearly killed me. The care was appalling, there was a lady addicted to methawotsit and her baby was being treated for an addcition too and I had waaaaaaaay more than my share of hormones.
    BUT I'd do it all again tomorrow.

  18. Oops! I can ramble!
  19. Right, here goes.....
    After several annoying false starts spanning a week and a half I started having contractions at 3am at 40+4 (exactly same date as my first!). I didn't get too excited and kind of dozed through them for a bit then around 5.30 I realised that instead of easing off when I walked around they were intensifying (good sign I thought!). By about 6.00 I was convinced I was in labour and so I woke my husband up. I rang for the midwife to come out at about 6.30 and she arrived around 7, I think.
    At this point I was 3cm so put tens machine on and chilled out a bit longer watching cbeebies (my daughter hadn't really noticed much was amiss) while I waited for my parents to collect her. hey came about 8 I think and all was still quite relaxed. I then turned cbeebies off, put on some music and a different midwife arrived to take over from her at 9.30. I was examined again at this point and was 6cm. I got into the birthing pool and she called for second midwife.
    My labour at this point really cranked up and I was soon in agony so started on gas and air. At this point 2nd midwife turned up and before I knew it the aprons were going on. It was pretty intense at this point eventually waters broke and unfortunately there was meconium in them. I got out of the pool so I could be examined and was fully dilated - I was told it was better to deliver out of the pool in the circumstances. 2 further contractions and my daughter literally flew out in one go in the middle of the lounge at 10.38!!! I thought that the head was out already for some reason - I think the gas and air had fuddled my head somewhat.
    I then had stitches for what is recorded as a first degree tear but they initially said was second degree, bit confusing and I seemingly have a lot of stitches for a first degree!
    Luckily in view of the meconium she cried immediately, breathing was fine so wasn't sent to hospital.
    Midwives filled in paperwork, made sure baby was feeding and then left around lunchtime complete with placenta (and I find it quite amusing the thought of someone stealing the car). I had a nice bath and got settled into my own bed [​IMG]

  20. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    That sounds really lovely BG!

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