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Birmingham City Uni

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by anon429, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. I'm in hurrahhh finally....congratulations everybody! and good luck to those who are still waiting dont give up! So the next stuff for me is to find a house or flat next to uni or even student accomodation for me and my partner can anyone recommend any decent areas near the uni?. Does anyone know if they will send me a reading list before I start? So scared but cannot wait!!

  2. Which course are you doing? I'll be on Primary [​IMG]
    I'm not sure about good areas for living around BCU, i'll be travelling in everyday rather than moving to the centre. Good luck finding somewhere.
  3. Hi i'm doing Secondary [​IMG]
    Wish I could commute but I live 70 miles away so thats not an option for me...think were looking at Edgbaston to live in quite a few people have said not to live near the uni . Want to start buying books now so I can save abit of money but dont know where to start.
  4. I live in Leicester at the moment so i'll either drive in from there or stay with my mum which is outside of Birmingham but closer than I am.
    I'm not sure how far Edgbaston is from BCU. I'm pretty rubbish at the geography of Birmingham even though I'm from nearby :)
    Do we get a reading list or anything?

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