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Biology A2 Synoptic Revision

Discussion in 'Science' started by derryclare, May 8, 2008.

  1. which board?
  2. I have loads of resources for this. Post email contact.

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  3. In AQA the synoptic questions tend to be graph based or interpreting data so these skills need to be covered.

    In terms of topics that appear a lot:
    ? Biological molecules
    ? Photosynthesis
    ? Respiration
    ? Enzymes
    ? Homeostasis (particularly temp)
    ? Movement across membranes (particularly active transport)
    ? Water potentials
    ? Genetics ? resistance & change in species over time
    ? Limits to population size
    ? Surface Area : Volume ratio
    ? Eukaryotic / Prokaryotic cells (comparing)
    ? Gas exchange
    ? Plants coping with dry conditions
    ? Digestion
    ? Nitrogen / Carbon cycles
    ? Saprophytic digestion

    Is the list I've given my class to revise.

    Doing lots of synoptic questions is the best thing so they can see the types of info they have to interpret.

    I also do a lot of practise on the essay questions - getting them to write an essay in 30 mins because many of them struggle with the short amount of time. They are good for revising all topics anyway as they are synoptic.

    Hope that helps
  4. TeacherBiology

    TeacherBiology New commenter

    Sorry forgot to say its OCR board resources would be excellent ociaravella@sus.suffolk.sch.uk

    Must admit they will and I will be gald when its over.
  5. ferrisbueller

    ferrisbueller New commenter

  6. m55

    m55 New commenter

  7. I use data and data handling question books by Bill Indge.
  8. I also get classes to plan the outline of a past essay and get each student to write a paragraph then put it all together.
    i do lots of past questions some that the students have to answer, others which i have filled in with good and not so good answers that students then mark and improve.

    any chance of a copy of your resources please
  9. Hi,
    My colleague and I are in the same position having never taught A2 before at all. If possibe, could people put their resources on TES resources so everyone can use them. If not, then could someone please email to sam.lloyd@stchris.co.uk We are doing AQA biology.
  10. I would be grateful if you sent them to me too please
  11. Have you looked at the date on this OP?
    I think you'll find the specification and exams have changed slightly from the original date of this post. At least they have in A level Chemistry (AQA) and so I imagine they have in the biology.
  12. I am a new teacher and I learnt from here that you have resources for synoptic biology. I am not sure if you can help by sharing them with me. Thanks a lot.
    my email is szemanlee@hotmail.com
    Many thanks again.

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