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Biography recommendations

Discussion in 'Book club' started by friedgreentomatoes, Aug 29, 2019.

  1. friedgreentomatoes

    friedgreentomatoes Star commenter

    I've recently finished biographies of Thomas Cromwell and Kathleen Kennedy - very different from each other but both equally fascinating. I would welcome recommendations for biographies that others have enjoyed!
  2. NoseyMatronType

    NoseyMatronType Star commenter

    You might not have heard of him but the polymathic former MP and television broadcaster Bryan Magee (who died very recently) was a fascinating character.

    If this lengthy profile engages you, there is plenty to go at.


    First of all, there's A Hoxton Childhood: Clouds of Glory.

    Then there's Growing Up in a War.

    The final volume of this autobiographical trilogy is called Making the Most of It.

    I am planning to have a crack at all three between now and Christmas.

    There's also Confessions of a Philosopher which I thought was truly exceptional. Although I don't share Magee's love of classical music, his prose style is delightfully eloquent but also wonderfully clear.
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  3. NoseyMatronType

    NoseyMatronType Star commenter

    Jeanette Winterson's Why Be Happy When You Could be Normal? is another autobiography I am going to read shortly.

    Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit was hilarious, so it will be interesting to find out more about her Pentecostal upbringing.
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  4. friedgreentomatoes

    friedgreentomatoes Star commenter

    I've read Why Be Happy When You Could be Normal? and really enjoyed it - it was very interesting to cross-reference with Oranges. I will have a look at Bryan Magee, thank you.
    NoseyMatronType and minnie me like this.
  5. minnie me

    minnie me Star commenter

    Autobiography- ‘The Boy with the Topknot’ - Sathnam Sanghera. Fabulous.

    ‘All My Puny Sorrows’ by Miriam Toews - story about her ( suicidal ) sister. Stunning.
    friedgreentomatoes likes this.
  6. Jeremyinspain

    Jeremyinspain Occasional commenter

    I'm reading Adam Sisman's bio of John le Carré (published 2016). It's a fascinating insight into his schooldays, relationship with a trully crazy father and (obviously) lots on his books and influences for them. Really enjoying it.

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