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Bin collections

Discussion in 'Personal' started by tartetatin, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. tartetatin

    tartetatin New commenter

    We haven't had a collection since a while before Christmas (don't get me started on the state of our street!) so it could be that delivery days and times are messed up a bit due to Christmas and weather.
    It is weird about the disappearance of the Christmas decs though ...
  2. Bethannie

    Bethannie New commenter

    Our binmen have continued collections over Christmas (just a day late once - due to weather).
    Generally they only pick up bins that are put out - and pulled near the road....and that are not overfull (no extra bags next to the bin are allowed - not even one extra for Christmas waste). Then the empty bins get thrown anywhere convenient!
    However, I have been told that I can phone the council and arrange for the binmen to collect my bin from by the door (where it 'lives' during the week) and replace it there - a service offered to those on DLA.
    I have never heard of binmen coming up 'uninvited' and emptying bins.
    If they were deliberately targetting the decorations, how did they know they were there? I'm assuming the bin wasn't labelled?! Where other bins in the area emptied unexpectedly?
  3. Leaves her Christmas decorations in the rubbish shed and then wonders why they have been taken.....a nominee for the Darwin Awards perchance?
  4. It is a shed that each house had built in the development that was designed for wheelie bin storage. As we only have one wheelie bin everyone uses the other half for storage of big bulky things (we have no interior storage apart from obviously wardrobes etc that people buy). The shed has doors that are bolted in to the floor so it is an awful faff to get the bin out.
    The binmen have NEVER opened them to take bins out and unless our bins are right out on the road they won't take them. They didn't take one of mine when it was on the pavement in front of my house once so the fact that someone seems to have gone to all the effort of going into the bin sheds and taking the bins out seems a bit strange.
    She has stored her Christmas Decs in there for the past 2 years.
  5. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    I live a life of Two Bins: central London restaurant-land, where the rubbish sacks are taken twice daily, and Birmingham, where you're lucky if all your Christmas waste has gone. Mine finally went this Monday, though the recyclable stuff was still there when we left.
    Birmingham has messed up badly. My freezer played up so I had to put out a load of meat [[​IMG]] when I arrived, thinking that the binmen would collect within a day or two. I'd forgotten about the industrial dispute. If the weather had been warm, I'd have had the police come knocking because of the stink.

  6. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    Sorry, that was a complete non sequitor, caused, no doubt, by the irritation felt by brummies about the inablility of the council and the union to come to an agreement.

    As to the Mysterious Theft of the Christmas Decorations, I think your friend should refrain from her speculations and, in future, store 'valuables' indoors. The stores aren't locked, so they're open to any Tom, Dick or Harry.
  7. Oh I agree. I think she was more miffed that if it wasn't the council...why would someone take decorations and then empty some of our bins! [​IMG] I think she will go mad though if it was the council binmen.
  8. You get your rubbish collected weekly?
    They come onto your premises to hunt the bin?
    Damnit do you know how rare you are?!? Ours will not collect if the lid of your bin isn't exactly flush shut, will not collect if the bin isn't fully on the pavement, will not collect if it's pointing the wrong way and we've got the alternating "oh heck is it blue or green bin this week - what's number 10 put out cos he usually knows" system.
    I did have a full wheelie bin of rubbish nicked once in my old house. Reporting it missing went along the lines of, "My wheelie bin's been nicked can I have a new one?" "Has it gone completely?" "Yes it's wheelie wheelie gone." (Couldn't resist that inevitable pun). If they'd waited overnight they could have nicked it while empty - found the rubbish bags down the alley near my flat so they'd obviously just wanted a new bin.
  9. neli

    neli Occasional commenter

    Our bin men won't take them out or put them back either, the reason being H&S. But they took them out and put them back neatly in our front gardens.

    Tip time ;-)
  10. Yes
    No, never normally. Which is why we were pretty miffed the other day. If the bin isn't right out on the street they won't take it. If it is hiding slightly behind a car they won't take it. If they can't move it with their little finger they won't take it. Hence the confusion with the bins being taken out of our bin sheds, emptied, and put back as if nothing happened.
  11. Did it not cross people's minds that they could take their rubbish to the local tip during the non collection week? Not easy for those without transport, but seeing the re cycle boxes outside houses for about three weeks when the houses definitely had cars just seemed daft to me!
  12. I agree with that. People go shopping don't they, supermarkets have recycling facilities, take recyclables to supermarket when going to do shopping. Easy.
  13. We have a glass collection box, collected once a month, I was so embarrassed at how full ours was, in fact we had three boxes after Christmas, that I took them to the bottle bank rather than put them outside our house!!

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