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Bilingual Project British Council Spain 2011

Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by catherai, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. HI,
    I'm very excited to have been accepted onto the bilingual project this year. I did my interview in Spain and know I'm in but they said that they would contact me in 2-3 weeks (3 weeks ago) about where I would be going. I know that it wont be Salamanca, Ceuta, Melilla, Murcia and a few other places (basically all of the ones on my request list) but I don't really mind, I'd just like to know where I'm going so i can start to get excited about my new town.

    Has anyone found out for sure where they are going this year?
    Anyone in the same position as me?
    Anyone with experience of the project got any advice?

    Oh, I was also wondering, I have a primary PGCE but also have tefl experience, my current role is a senior one in a language school where I've developed a real interest in CLIL. I know this must be a teaching approach that is naturally used in the project but does anyone have experience in formally planning and presenting lessons that have a combined TEFL/mainstream approaches or an interest in CLIL and experience of the project?
    Basically I just want to talk about the project as I've bored my friends to death.
  2. Welcome on board![​IMG]
  3. Hello,
    How long have you been teaching in the project or are you part of it in another capacity? I've searched the forums and it seems as though everyone in the project is positive and having a good time.The people that interviewed me were alsoclearly really passionate about it still.

    Where, roughly, are you based?
  4. Yep! We are, we are.......
    Just one little request as a veteran, please turn off your TEFL chip.
    See you in September, maybe.[​IMG]
  5. point taken, thanks.

    good to know
  6. I got that impression in the interview too but CLIL is a bit different so I wasn't sure if it was something that was followed.
  7. Have sent you a PM.
  8. TEFL for children.The new money-spinner for selling EFL course books, particularly in the EU.
    Have you heard yet? I suppose not, it was only yesterday, afterall.
    What do you think about going to Zaragoza? Huge demand there.
  9. well my current boss keeps saying that he is amazed that people haven't cashed in on the market. CELTAs cater for adults, ther is the young learner add-on but relatively few people do this yet the majority of learners in my acadamy and the others in the area are in the primary age group. Also, taching resources/ course books for thi sage tend to be clil focused, it makes sense, but I think that the market for TEFL resources in this area, particularly in Spain, is limited as increasingly schools are offering bilingual education to some degree. In my opinion, very quickly, language acadamies will need to adjust and work toward offering a complimentary service rather than assuming they are the sole source of language learning for young learners. Part of the reason I am so excited about the project is that I strongly feel it's the future. I've heard it mentioned that Aragon is very forward thinking in this respect and that nearly every new primary school that forms wants to be part of the bilingual project, hence my desire to work in this area. I've also seen somewhere that Italy and Portugal are following in this area. What do you think?
  10. They have,,,,
    All the Santillana-Richmond Science and English books (CLIL-TEFL) and resources (smart board and readers) were written by project teachers.
    Not at all...
    There are so many topic based publications out there for children precisely for this demand in Spain.
    Portugal started a bilingual project some years ago but without native English speakers. They use our resources, I believe. ML (who probably interviewed you) imparts some teacher training there.
    A selection of schools in Milan started piloting their bilingual project for the 2010-2011 academic year. I know this as four Italian teachers spent 3 days at our school 2 years ago. They also have attended teacher training in Madrid. Argentina is the next country to come on board.
    I hope you enjoy the project; we definitlely need enthusiastic teachers like you. You will love our new curriculum, I'm sure. We have finished the literacy section (much to Yasi's disgust, it is text type based) but have yet to update Science, Geog and History.
    If you need resources PM me, I am only too pleased to help.
    Once again, good luck!
  11. Ohh, thanks for the information. I have limited recolection of writing that last night after one too many leaving drinks... bad bad idea.
    I didn't realise there was so much out there, I suppose I haven't looked very hard. I wasn't sure about Portugal because, for reasons I now understand, a lot of the information in is Portuguese.
    I'm still yet to know where I'm going but I'll be sure to PM you when I do and have, no doubt, many questions.
  12. Hi there! I was so pleased to have discovered this thread. I am too in the same position as you and awaiting to hear where I will be placed. I am very excited to be part of this project and am glad that people out there are really enjoying it. I wonder whether I will hear back sometime today as to the whereabouts of the school - I was told that I would hear back by the end of the week :).

  13. Hello, yes I thought it was this week too but I wasn't sure.... I really want to know!!
  14. Hi All. I too have been interviewed for this project but haven't been told the outcome yet. Please could you tell me - were you told on the spot that you were successful? If not, how long did you have to wait?
    I hope you hear where you're going soon...
  15. Hi there dijiste. My interview was 3 wks ago and I was told that I had been successful within 5 days. You could email to ask? I am now waiting to hear the name of the school I have been given. I was due to hear back by the end of last week but I haven't received anything as yet. I am really excited and just want to know where I will be! I hope you hear back soon!
  16. Hi daisy, thanks for your reply. Did you give any preferences about where you would like to go? Really hope you find out soon so you can make plans.
    I was told that if they weren't interested they would let me know straight away so I'm guessing at this stage no news is good news...
  17. Hi dijiste, not a problem. I said that I would go anywhere and did not have any particular preferences in terms of location. It will be a surprise! I'm sure it will all be fine for you and if they said that, you have nothing to worry about. Good luck!
  18. Thanks! I said the same - it would be exciting to be placed somewhere I've never been before. Are you in Spain already then?
  19. I have just sent you a PM :)
  20. Thanks. I just replied...

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