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Bilingual programme in Spain

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by scattykatty, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. scattykatty

    scattykatty New commenter

    Hi, I've searched high and low but I can't find any previous postings about the bilingual program with State Spanish schools. Anybody have any experiences to share? I'd love to hear info, especially regarding which towns to specify...
  2. soux

    soux New commenter

    I don't really have information but know that they are teaching Maths and some other subjects (Feography I think) in English in Primary state schools in Murcia. I read a magazine article about it last year.
  3. I taught in Madrid last year and know only this about it. It is mainly staffed by non teachers, students etc because it is too badly paid to attract teachers.
  4. Sorry just seen this comment, hope the reply isn´t too late. I have worked on the Bilingual project for 4 years. It has been a really good experience as long as you can be flexible. I think also it depends on which school you´re in as to what sort of time you have. You´re a bit left to your own devices which can be good aswell as you have more freedom over what you teach. they need good qualified teachers to carry forward this project so i would recommend it especially as a first job abroard. Hope this was useful and ask any more questionas as you wish.
  5. Hi,

    I had a placement in such a bilingual school recently (in Ávila...) its run in cooperation with the British Council so their website may be a good place to start your search.

    I thought it a great programme...

    Good luck...

  6. scattykatty

    scattykatty New commenter

    wasn't shortlisted in the end :eek:( but as I'm not living in the UK currently, I wasn't too surprised... Obviously not nice to be rejected, mind. Does sound like a good program though. Hoping to get involved in bilingual projects here in the US instead maybe if I don't return to the UK. Decisions, decisions at this time ofyear...
  7. Hi Katch,

    I have just been offered a job in northern Spain on the bilingual program.I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions. I have added you as a friend. Is that OK?


  8. Hi there,
    I worked on this project for a short while many moons ago and have posted some info on here about it in the past. I also know a couple of people who are working on the project at the moment.
    Email me and I might be able to help answer a few questions.

  9. Hi,

    I am hoping to move to northern spain this summer. I am interested in working for bilingual school there. I would be grateful for any information that you have.


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