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Bikini line....

Discussion in 'Personal' started by elisa1, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. elisa1

    elisa1 New commenter

    Do you wax, epilate, shave or hair removal cream......... which is the best tried shaving...doesn't last long enough...opinions please?? x
  2. Hair removal cream if you are doing it yourself, but the best is waxing at a salon.
    Shaving is possibly the worst thing you can do to you bikini line!
  3. bombaysapphire

    bombaysapphire Star commenter

    Least painful and effective enough for a week away in the sun - hair removal cream.
  4. elisa1

    elisa1 New commenter

    How long does hair removal cream last??? Does it sting???? Not sure I want to get my foof out in a salon x
  5. If you are only having a bikini line then you aren't getting anything out in the salon.
  6. bombaysapphire

    bombaysapphire Star commenter

    10 days ish
    Not the tinest bit. It doesn't smell great but it is done in a few minutes.
  7. Salon waxing. They have seen it all, and if you're only having bikini line tidying up then you won't be showing anything except the join of your leg with your body.
  8. Personally I just shave every couple of days in the bath with no problems - mind you I also just shave the whole lot [​IMG]
  9. Careful with the hair removal cream... Get it in the wrong place and you will have tonnes or short and curlys coming off!
  10. Blimey, not for me it doesn't.
    I epilate. It hurts less than you'd think - in fact I find my bikini line far less sensitive than the backs of my knees.....
  11. jazz2

    jazz2 New commenter

    Ah, but you never know who will be doing the waxing ...! Have heard stories of people encountering people they used to know who had taken up a career in that line!
  12. Waxing for the first time is not a great idea if you're planning to go away straight after. It can leave you red and spotty.
    Hair removal cream is OK if you put it where you want it and then lie still with your knees up for the eight minutes required. If you walk about it will spread and leave you with bald patches. I don't use it "down there" because if it gets on my fanny frills it makes them actually bleed.
    Epilating is not too bad once you get used to it. I will never do it again after trapping aforementioned fanny frill (honestly, they're not that huge!!!) in the epilator, idiot tax for not using the special attachment.
    I therefore vote for the daily shave in the shower, total time taken: about ten seconds each side.
  13. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    Big admission: I do none of these things. Maybe I'm lucky not to have thick curls growing halfway down my thighs like a family friend who shocked me as a little girl on holiday but all I do is wait until I'm going to be wearing a swimsuit, put it on and snip the visible hairs with a small pair of scissors. Works every time.
    I call what's left my Mexican Wave.

  14. Well I cannot believe I am going to ask this but
  15. What a fantastic expression. That, coupled with your picture of Les Dawson has put the most horrific picture in my head and has left me snorting with laughter[​IMG]
  16. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    Much as I hate to say this, she's really rather gorgeous.
  17. *waits for princessdiaries to finish the question*
  18. I know. I'm on the edge of my seat!
  19. I got too embarrassed and changed my mind, I thought I had hit "back" but it posted! I was erm going to ask about removal of hair from somewhere else.
  20. anon2799

    anon2799 New commenter

    I'm still laughing at " foof"

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