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Big Writing Stimulus

Discussion in 'Primary' started by smallschool, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. smallschool

    smallschool New commenter

    Hi All,
    Im new to the Big Writing scene and although I have been impressed by the results after only a half term, I'm running out of idea for the stimulus already... We began with a 'Black Hole' so we could travel anywhere, then had A Chinese New Year party invitation, we have used paintings fron our over-arching topic of the Victorians, but what else can I do? I really enjoyed the training for big writing but being told you 'do a big stinulus session then write about it' hasnt been that helpful.
    All ideas, specific or general gratefully recieved.
  2. Try aniboom.com It has loads of animations which we often use as a stimulus. Our Big Writing isn't always linked to our theme, but there are so many animations on there you can find lots that are. You join and view for free and we are able to view at school, or you can download using something like Real Player. Our children love the visual element. You need to view the animations carefully first as some are great and some are definitely not suitable. You can save a favourites list on there too to find the ones you like easily. To start you off my favourites are:
    Garto, the holy sheep, baking with mother, uno (a really lovely one which is quite open ended), the locket and the sea, bananas, scenic view and pirates.
    There is also a really fab wild jungle ride animation which can be used over a period of weeks:
    I always choose animations without any narration so they can be used in a variety of ways.
    Another option is to use a video game like Myst. I like to mix things up though and change what I use so sometimes I use objects and striking pictures instead. We always have a strong visual element as our stimulus, originally to focus on gaining the boys' attention which had been an issue, but they all seem to love it and this shows in their writing.
  3. smallschool

    smallschool New commenter

    Thanks, it's really helpful, just having something to start with. I hadnt thought about using animation/film clips, so I'll definately add that to my list.

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