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Big Babies

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by leeds28, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. Just a bit of a letting off steam so here we go...
    My not so LO is 14 weeks old, 67cm and 17lb 3oz. Random people often take it upon themselves to comment on how big he is. He is big (in 6-12 month clothes), but I would never say to someone 'ooh your baby is tiny, what are you feeding him/her?' Anyone else with big babies get a bit fed up or is the sleep deprivation getting to me?
    Oh and if someone else calls him a 'bruiser' they will be getting a bruise right in the eye...
  2. Just a bit of a letting off steam so here we go...
    My not so LO is 14 weeks old, 67cm and 17lb 3oz. Random people often take it upon themselves to comment on how big he is. He is big (in 6-12 month clothes), but I would never say to someone 'ooh your baby is tiny, what are you feeding him/her?' Anyone else with big babies get a bit fed up or is the sleep deprivation getting to me?
    Oh and if someone else calls him a 'bruiser' they will be getting a bruise right in the eye...
  3. There was a grandmother in mums and tots whose twin grandchildren are a month younger than my boy. She loves nothing more than to comment on the gargantuan proportions of my child. When I was telling a friend I was thinking of putting him into the buggy rather than pram as I thought he was getting too big to be comfortable there, she called her husband over to say "look at this boy, he's massive". I can call him massive, because he's MY BABY! People often comment on him being big when I say he'[s six months, but he's also very long. He's 23lbs 4 now and has been in the 98th centile for height and weight sicne he was 12 weeks. I am so happy he's big as when he was a month old he was a scrawny wee thing because we were pants at breastfeeding and he lost lots of weight.

    My MIL emialed some photos round the family this week and while everyone said he was very cute etc, a lot commented on his fat wrists! I would nev er look at a photo of great aunty betty and say she had fat wrists now, would i??

    Tell them you're feeding him chip butties.
  4. He he! We went to the seaside today and took a photo of OH pretending to feed him chips!
    I love the rubber band wrists - it's so cute! My LO is off the scale for height and 98th for weight. He's just big-boned (that's what my mum said)
  5. blueone

    blueone New commenter

    My LO is a big boy too. Hes 19 weeks tomo and weighs around 20lb. He has been in age 6-9 months clothes for about 3 weeks now and looks about 6 months old! He hasnt been measured height wise (dont know why!) but is on the 98th centile for weight. He is long though and is going to be a tall boy, you should see the size of his hands!! I dont ever think he is that big until i take him to my mums and baby group and he is the biggest baby there (out of those i chat to) and the second youngest!! He looks enormous compared to the lightweight 13lb babies! the thing is, he isnt overfed at all. He is bottle fed and has 5 8oz bottles a day (and thats only gone up this week) and thats it! He isnt on hungry baby food or anything like that either. When he was born he was quite big (8lb 10 oz) and lots of my family were like 'oh he is a hungry baby, you need to give him hungry baby milk, or a rusk in his bottle', needless to say i resisted! I heard stories of aunty Jane who would give her baby 2 8oz bottles in one go etc etc but i didnt give him anymore than his weight required. he is just big! My OHs family have 'BIG' babies though and thats where its from. My OH is one of 4 and they were all over 8lb, his cousins wife had a 10lb and a 9lb baby, and his other cousin (who is now in his 40s) was a10lb baby all of those years ago! None of them have grown into obese gigantic people!

  6. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    My son was always on the 98th centile for height and weight, and now at 19 months he wears age 2-3 clothes mainly, for his height. He's not chubby at all, but people do comment on him being big, and think he must be older than he is. He was born 10 days late at 7lbs 13, so he wasn't huge, and he dropped to 6lbs 13 and was really scrawny for a bit and had to be bottle fed, so i'd rather he was big and not scrawny (as soneone else also mentioned).
    I started going to rhyme time at the library when he was about 11 months, and the woman who runs it asked me if he was walking yet, and I said not quite and she was like 'bigger babies often walk later'. Stupid cow! He walked before 13 months anyway, so what does she know? Then again, she practically called my friend's baby fat, and she definitely isn't!
    People also assume he has a good appetite, when he actually hardly eats!
    Maybe it would be just as annoying if you had a tiny baby and people commented on that? Maybe my next one will be a short-**** to compensate!!
  7. I had this! My oldest was 10lbs 7oz at birth and went straight into 0-3 month clothes. He was really pudgy til he started walking - properly round. My best mate asked me to check out a place that she was thinking of having her wedding; I took my son to be greeted by a worker there with "Jesus, you're a big boy aren't you! Mummy overfeeds you doesn't she!" Needless to say the place was not hired.
    Overfeed! What was I doing, tying him to a chair and shoving chocolate biscuits down his throat while he screamed and begged me to stop??? People and their stupid stupid comments...

  8. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    That should be 6lbs 7.
    I don't know what it is about kids and pregnancy that makes people feel that they should comment! I'm 28 weeks pregnant at the moment and people keep saying 'you're getting big'. No sh*t sherlock! The baby only has 12 more weeks!
  9. It's annoying isn't it? I have a friend who comments on another friend's baby, referring to him as a 'porker'. I think it's a bit cruel and I know she doesn't mean it but she just hasn't thought it through. She wouldn't like it if someone referred to her LO as a skinny one.
    Our LO is the other extreme. I have constantly been worried about her lack of weight gain at times. She has always been between 25th and 50th percentile, dropping to 25th on one or two occasions. However, she is a sparky, brighteyed, beautiful girl and I now know to take the HV's comments with a (large) pinch of salt.
    I always say that someone has to be on the 25th/98th percentile - that's how we get averages for heaven's sake. If we were all on the 25th (or 98th) percentile then the goalposts/averages would have to be re-drawn up.
    It sounds like your LO is a very healthy baby and you're doing everything right. I like the fish n chips comment that someone suggested. The occasional comment back might make people think next time.
    pogo x
  10. I get the opposite, my daughter is 6 months and 14lb (we get more moneys worth out of clothes) and people always comment that she is too small.I got told she may grow 'BETTER' if I put her on formula....and someone told me she had 'improved a lot' as she had grown. I do find it amazing how much difference there is in baby sizes though- one of he boyfriends is a really big round baby- stunning boy but twice her size, but they are all healthy and beautiful. I always thought they would look a similar size when they were small.
    I was a small baby and had trouble gaining weight.... I no longer have that problem! [​IMG]

    We're being handed down clothes from a bigger baby who is younger than her but just as healthy!

    Some babies are big, some are small- people will always comment though.
  11. Hi, we get exactly the same thing! My LO is 18 weeks and was 15lb 13oz at his last weigh in which was about 2 weeks ago, so I am presuming he is 16lb something now.
    He is between the 50th and 75th and has been since birth- he was 10 days late and only weighed 7lb 6oz, so not a big baby from birth, but people ALWAYS say what a big boy he is. he is quite long and has a larger than average head and I think that this is why people do it and he sits up/holds his head well so looks overall like an older baby. i was in Asda the other day and a random lady stroked his cheek (errr!) without asking and said 'Ah how old is he' when I replied '4 months' she nearly dropped her shopping and said 'oh my god I thought he was MUCH older' I wanted to reply with 'did you really you disgusting skanky lady and would you mind not touching my son with your filthy hands without asking and mind your own business' but I managed to keep it to a polite 'did you really?' and walk away. [​IMG]
  12. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    My baby girl is 8 weeks old and was 8lb 3oz at her last weigh-in. She was 6lb 12oz at birth and is now on the 5th centile. HV isn't worried though as she feeds well, taking 150ml 6 times a day and produces loads of wet and 2 dirty nappies a day. I weighed 5lb at birth and was only 18lb at 12 months so she's just tiny like me! (I'm only 5ft 1 now). We did have a bit of a problem with her bringing up milk but that's calmed down now and she's putting on weight fine, very healthy and happy.
    Anyway, people always assume she's only a few days old when we're out and about... eg at a baby group 'oh you've done so well getting out so early on'. Some of her newborn clothes are still too big! People do tend to ask how I'm feeding her as I think they assume she's not getting enough. Gggrrr.
  13. Phew. It's not me being super sensitive!
    That's not much less than my 'bruiser'!! He's not a particularly hungry baby either. Isn't funny how babies grow at such different rates on similar amounts of milk! My LO was 9lb at birth, but was quite scrawny (like a skinned rabbit I thought, but apparently you aren't supposed to say things like that out loud) They are all different and lovely - I agree that the general public need to keep their skanky hands off babies who are just minding their own business!
  14. MLT


    My little girl has always been at the top of the curve in both height and weight. At baby weigh in she tends to be the same size as the 6 months olds. Issy is 15 weeks. At ababy rhyme last week, she was the same size as a .11 month old. Oh the comments and looks are wonderful.
    My favouite was a couple of weeks ago when a grandparent of a 6 month old commented and asked what I fed her. Now Issy has been on the hungrier baby milk for 6 weeks by then, (as well as breast milk). This led to the lady telling me thats why she was so fat. Issy, was on the floor holding onto my knee. She pushed herself up a little, moved her head, gave the woman a big smile and then held out her hand to her. We both turned to her grandson who was trying, unscuccesfully, to flip onto his stomach.One of the other mums leaned over and said, "oh she just large because she is so much more advanced". Loved the face on grandma
  15. Why can't people just keep their irritating comments / accusing questions / suggestions to themselves? It gets right on my wick. I took my very average sized 8 month old into school yesterday (he's around the 20lbs mark so completely average sized) and about 3 people commented on how massive for his age he is?!? It seems that people just have to stick their oar in, even when what they're saying is complete tosh.
    My Great Grandma is the worst. My nephew is 10 weeks older than LO and has always been a big baby - she overlooks his name and only refers to him as 'the big one'. The poor boy will be lucky not to end up with a complex.
  16. learningyoghurt

    learningyoghurt New commenter

    I dunno, personally I like it when people are interested in and admire my baby and I can attribute most of the drivel that they spout to the fact that they're just trying to make conversation and be interested, which is nice.
    Also I've perfected the art of saying "Well I think that he's perfectly beautiful" in response to any comments, which tends to deflect any negativity fairly effectively and leads to lots of cooing, which he enjoys.
    After reading this I'll be very very careful what I say about other people's babies, though. In fact, I may just avoid saying anything about them at all.
  17. Yeah you do that!
  18. I too hate it when randoms touch babies' cheeks. There was one when my LO was teeny and was in the carrier. She touched her face with nicotine-stained fingers- despite me backing off involuntarily- and said in a creepy voice that she could just eat her. That's really lovely and everything but did she really have to touch her? The comment would have been enough!
  19. Generally I find people are friendly enough- 99% I don't mind stopping and chatting - when she was a real newbie everyone would make comments on her hair (she had lots), I quite enjoy a bit of baby admiring.... It is just the occasional comment which is annoying but most people don't mean anything by it.
    I always get 'oh, her name is Scarlett- you must love gone with the wind!' ....Never read it! (I will now) and 'OOh, that one will grow up to be a big strong man!' I smile at that, she quite often wears a brown and blue bug in the rug thing and just say 'Oooh, I hope not!'
    I always carry her in a sling and people comment on that too- mainly nice things though.

    Anyhow, learningyogurt- am sure your comments go down fine.... I don't think people mean anything by their general chat.
  20. learningyoghurt

    learningyoghurt New commenter

    Thanks moomoon [​IMG] I know that.
    It's just that I find it difficult enough to integrate into the mother-and-baby crowd without knowing that people will be thinking vituperative things because I happen to inadvertantly look at their little darling funny. Or say something that I think is perfectly innocent, well-meant and complimentary, but is actually going to cause them to damn me to hell for all eternity.
    Not that it bothers me much (I have little or no time for the precious) but at this rate Yoghurt Lite is going to grow up with no friends...

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