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Beware three month rule.

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by les25paul, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. les25paul

    les25paul Star commenter

    This is true and I don't think its a "made up Agency " rule but instead a legal requirement.
    It even applies if you have been working in another role that requires CRB clearance but not in a school as happened to me once.
    This is also beginning to happen, one rather good agency I used to work for has ceased trading.

  2. Hi Dextersussex,
    Unfortunately, while annoying, it's the law. If you haven't worked for your agency for over 3 months your CRB is no longer valid, unless you have worked elsewhere in the education sector (another agency or school) in which case the CRB remains valid for a gap of up to 6 months, but the agency would need to obtain a reference validate that you had worked elsewhere for this period without any concerns coming to light.
    Hope this helps.
  3. A totally dimwitted, morally corrupt and <u>PERVERSE INTERPRETATION</u> OF yet another EU ruling, the "Agency Worker's directive [2011] to <u>protect</u> agency workers who show commitment, loyalty and hardwork by giving them benefits similar to permanent staff!!!!!!?
    BUT!?... instead all are sacked after twelve weeks employment!!!!!!!! Morally corrupt, exploitative and totally unacceptable behaviour of the agencies!!!!![​IMG] TESCO, HAYS, Angard, Reed etc etc are all doing it!!!!!
    So much for the banqueting EU ministers!?

  4. ...I see you are truly on form Pedigree..
    ...totally agree that many will get shafted before 12 weeks are up
    ...Unfortunately I am not as polite as your good self and TBH the agencies and schools that participate in this leverage fraud (i.e. get the teacher out before it costs us too much) are total ...WAN>>>KERS.....the system is corrupt, unrewarding and full of ***
    ...in fact FAKKKE them all.... they are all a waste of space and should be made to feel how we do and be taught a lesson......I am going to send one a sample of my poo in the post
  5. Pennyforyourthoughts

    Pennyforyourthoughts Occasional commenter

    I don't think the problem is that you have not worked for the Agency for 3 months as much as ..... you have not worked in a school for 3 months. If you have worked in a school from another agency or direct I think you could challenge the Agency by giving them (if you have any) details of other schools you have worked in and this would entitle you to still have consistency with working in schools. As a supply teacher it is one of our responsibilities to be 'work ready' therefore you need to keep track of the rulings for supply teachers and get yourself into a school if you are likely to contravene the 3 month rule. Even a voluntary day or two would suffice that ruling I would have thought. Check it out and report back.
  6. Thanks for the compliment!
    Beat the insane often trumpeted AWR "rules"/directive BY PARROTS with SHOUTING OUT the Equality Act [2010/2011] against discrimination to all those dimwit call centre operatives at the agencies...if they keep quoting the AWR then keep quotting the...Equality Act [2010/2011], Equality Act [2010/2011], Equality Act [2010/2011] etc etc plus THE HUMAN RIGHTS ACT![​IMG]
    Not for three months eternally!!!

  7. Let's not get intimidated guys & gals.
    There has been much scaremongering about AWRs -just read the title to this particular forum!

    supply teacher agencies want to behave and act in even
    exploitative and malign ways by perversely
    interpreting/sacking/dismissing employees [supply teachers] so as to
    prevent them from benefitting from the terms and conditions e.g. sick
    pay, holiday pay. pay parity etc of their permanent/temporary contracted
    teacher work colleagues THEN BRING IT ON!!!!!!!

    Existing UK laws include: the EMPLOYMENT ACT (2010) and the EQUALITY ACT (2010) and even the EU Human Rights can be evoked!
    agency employee who suspects that the AGENCY is acting
    improperly/unfairly and not within the spirit of the the EU AWRs can
    claim unfair dismissal/unfair treatment and make a claim for this via
    Hence if the employee has shown
    work commitment, reliablity, punctuality, excellent work performance
    then the agency will have to come out with some good reasons as to why
    around that employee was dismissed/deregistered at around 11-12 weeks
    sterling work performance?????
    Is the exploitative agency going
    to say to the presiding judge/tribunal arbitrator, " Me, Lord I did not want the worker to
    benefit from better terms and conditions despite his/her work
    performance so we sacked him/her!"???????
    So agencies out there
    bring it on and we will hit you with successful industrial tribunal
    cases who will most certainly rule in the worker's favour!!!!!
    Just think of David Cameron's latest announcement on developing a "fair and worthwhile economy!

    The nail is NOT IN THE COFFIN YET but we will all witness a bonfire
    of malign, greedy, exploitative supply teacher agencies who will all be
    SHUT DOWN!!!!! Just wait!

  8. My CRB runs out on March 6th. I've been asked if I will accept TA supply work to keep it valid. Not my choice, but I can't afford to let it lapse. The agency says they are making sure that people whose crb is about to expire are offered work first, but are worried about their own jobs as there is so little supply work around.
  9. Lies. lies, lies and more lies from the agency!
    "Accept work as a TA"???? Utter bovine scat.
    Just intimidation, cunning, bullying, disrespect and bullying!!!!!
    "runs out"? Only according to that call centre operative. Most staff in schools have CRBs every three years. Tell him that!!!

  10. Lies, lies and more lies from the agency!

  11. I think this is a sad situation. Given the recent statements made by the education minister, I feel for any supply teacher.
  12. Can you believe any call centre staff at any agency... the "ums and the ahs" one gets all suggest lying, making it all up and complete fabrication about the job sistuation!

  13. Pennyforyourthoughts

    Pennyforyourthoughts Occasional commenter

    This does not add up.......................to work via an Agency you have to have a CRB................. WORKING as a TA or any other position in a school WILL STILL REQUIRE A CRB.................................. sounds fishy to me that the Agency is saying different................. Challenge them
  14. ECRB having a shelf life of three months??????
    Utter rubbish. According to which agency or malign gossip monger?[​IMG]
  15. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    They are not invalid legally; it's just the employers adding in an arbitrary 'shelf life' if they haven't used the employee for 3 months.
    As they all seem to operate the 3 month 'rule', there must be something in legislation that they have misunderstood and they've all jumped on the bandwagon when hearing about other employers operating the restriction.
    Agencies got the 4 term/16 month supply rule wrong for years and many still employ teachers who have used up their allowance and not applied for an extension, because they have drawn wrong conclusions from the legislation.
  16. I don't work for an agency as such - it's the local authority supply agency who have always been totally honest with me and are really struggling to find work for the teachers who are registered with them. Best practice says that crbs should be renewed every 3 years so a teacher working full time in a school wouldn't need to renew a crb that often, and some schools wait a lot longer before requiring renewals to save money. It's the not working for 3 months that's the killer in these days. And the terms and conditions are clearly set out regarding crb's being current. However, school holidays do not count. as we are unable to work during these weeks.This is lifted from an email...
    6. CRB 3 month

    There has been a few cases recently with issues
    relating to CRB&rsquo;s and the 3
    month ruling. It is stated in your Terms of registration the stipulations related to this ruling.
    Basically, CRB guidance advises that any member of staff who has a break of
    service of more than three months will require an additional CRB to be
    undertaken. You are not able to work if you have broken this condition
    until a new CRB has been done and a new I.D badge generated. . If you have
    undertaken any other employment
    through another agency/LA we can
    write to them with your consent and
    ask them to provide details of your
    employments dates, which would then
    validate your CRB.

    If you have a break in service of more than three
    months due to a change in circumstances (no childcare) or extended vacation,
    you will be asked to undertake additional CRB. This will not apply to
    short-term contract breaks where a reference is undertaken and does not include
    periods of natural breaks, such as the
    6 weeks holiday period. Due to current efficiency programmes that have
    been introduced, **** will unfortunately
    require staff to pay for their CRB
    and identification badge where a renewal is required.
  17. Pennyforyourthoughts

    Pennyforyourthoughts Occasional commenter

    AH... I understand now... you are being asked to do TA work as there might not be any supply work within the 3 months when TA work is available and would enable you to keep the three months at bay.

    As I have said before on other posts... WE HAVE TO BE AWARE OF OUR WORKABILITY ....that is keep an eye on when you last worked etc and if necessary do a days voluntary work to get back in schools or even ask your Agency to set it up for you..................
  18. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Voluntary work doesn't count as employment and wouldn't help witht he 3 month CRB 'rule'.
  19. The ECRB is such a money spinning piece of nonsense!
    Many of us are signed up with different agencies and are continually working in different schools albeit for different agencies!
    Why should an agency ask for yet another ECRB just because you have not worked for them for three months or more?
    Totally unacceptable and unnecessary. The ECRB is transportable but agencies are not acting fairly!
  20. In Norfolk I volunteered in a school on 22 June to keep my CRB current. however, I haven't had any work offers this term and have been told my CRB is invalid from 22 Sept. I will have to pay AGAIN for this ridiculous document. I have worked for Norfolk and as a Headteacher for the last 30 years !!!!! I am thinking of giving up offering my services ...why should I keep paying?? The summer break makes it very difficult to fulfil the three month rule.....who made this rule anyway ??? Politicians I expect, who have no idea how the real world works anyway.

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