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Beware potential pitfall when signing on

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by Pennyforyourthoughts, May 14, 2012.

  1. Pennyforyourthoughts

    Pennyforyourthoughts Occasional commenter

    Beware of this potential pitfall. If you go to sign on towards the end of the Summer Term for Job Seekers it is likely that the Job Centre will assume that you have LEFT YOUR EMPLOYER as you are declaring that you are unemployed and seeking employment. This can cause a problem as many of us may will still think of our Agencies as our employers and unaware that the Job Centre believe other and this can cause problems when coming off Job Seekers as the P46 (I believe) they give you along side a P45 should be given to your Agency/ies (employers) as if they were the new employer. If this is not done any changes to your Tax Code will not get to the Agency/ies as they will have been de-registered as your employer/s. You do not want to de-register as this will cause problems with re registering ....it will take too long to get another CRB and references to be ready for work in September . Therefore ....YOU NEED TO TELL THE JOB CENTRE "that you remain registered with them but do not anticipate any work from them for (state the time span) They will then tell you the procedure for when you start back in September (hopefully) or when ever you do. Hassle Hassle Hassle if you de register.
  2. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    You do not resign from agencies when you sign on and it's perfectly possible to be making a JSA claim whilst in p/t employment too, so no P45 needs to be requested (given when leaving an employment and passed tot he next employer or to the Jobcentre if a job has ended for good).
    You shouldn't say that you are a supply teacher either! Say you are an unemployed teacher who has been taking whatever temporary teaching work you can get whilst applying for f/t work.
    You can sign on during term time if work dries up or drops to below 16 hours per week.
    If weekly paid, you would declare hours worked in the relevant benefit Weeks and then declare pay received only when you have received it. they then adjust your JSA to take account of pay received, or possibly cease JSA for one week. JSA resumes once you declare a beneft Week when no pay is received, so when you reach the summer holidays and have received your last week of pay, you will get your full JSA allowance throughout the holiday and until your next declaration of pay in the Autumn term.
    If you are an LA teacher and will get pay at the end of July, you might want to wait until the 1st August to make a claim as your July pay will not then affect JSA for the month of August. Any pay due at the end of August would need to be declared if you were still signing on but you could close the claim from 29th or 30th August (perhaps because of a holiday break ... going abroad means having to close the claim but you could just be in the UK and unavailable for work temporarily) and make a Rapid reclaim in September.
    If you had no July work to be paid by an LA at the end of August, your claim would carry on through September and even October if any work remains below 16 hours per week .. as your first LA pay of the new school year cannot be received until at elast the end of October.
  3. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Also, you do not get a P46 when you leave an employer.
    A new employer will get you to complete P46 if you are not handing them a P45.
    Those without a P45 include those who are staying with another p/t employer and those who have not had anotehr employer in the tax year.
    You complete a P46 either declaring to the new employer that this is your first employment of the tax year (in which case they can give you your entire tax code to offset against earnings) or that this is an additional job, in which case all your earnings will be BR (emergency) taxed.
    When signing off JSA, the Jobcentre will give you a P45 that you can then give to your next employer or which you can use to regularise your tax affairs with the Inland revenue at the end of the tax year.
  4. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    When asked by the Jobcentre about your last work, you should mention the last day of teaching work allocated by your agency. Theyw ill ask why the work ended and you simply say that it was a temporary booking of X days/weeks. they will confirm that with the agency.

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