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BETT boll ox and embedded ICT

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by McDiploma, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. http://www.bettshow.com/bett11/website/SeminarDetail.aspx?semid=Reg41
    Did anyone go to this seminar? Will be there tomorrow.
    The preamble above sounds like it's the same old organisations producing the same old garbage but I really hope I will be enlightened. Ofqual, BCS etc seem like they are all getting stuck in to the new vision (again) - how come we are in the mess we are in with ICT now? One reason is because of these organisations and others not being able to tell their A from their E over the last decade. These are NOT the people anyone should be listening to!
    I hope, amongst their tales of heroic ICT deeds in one or two schools, we also hear about the failures of cross-curricla ICT in many other schools, just for balance and fairness you understand. I will be particularly interested to know as well where these organisations are going with all of this - why are they so interested in embedded ICT or in short, what's in it for them? Self preservation, Government grants, expansion perhaps?
    I can't wait for tomorrow.
  2. I meet even go on the first day it opens, rather than tomorrow!
  3. LOL [​IMG]
    Your post missed out the "C" word, which is very clear on my flyer - Consultancy. That's what this really is all about - organisations promoting heavily embedded ICT (talking about it as if it was a 'given') so that they can start "consulting". I wonder what the hourly / daily rates are, and whether the jags can still be supported.
  4. jesus, if MyMouse is there, there'll be no room for anyone else.
    Socking room only.

  5. I'll be the cynical one at the back in a suit, white shirt and black shoes, asking sneering, negative questions interspersed with phrases like 'head up ar se', 'where's the evidence that embedded ICT is the answer when it hasn't been in the past' and 'what's in it for you, bignose'?

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