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Best web-hosted VLE - any suggestions?

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by madamefruschtuk, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. Can you suggest a VLE that you think is particularly good as an
    overall system?
    We are a small school (500 pupils) covering both
    primary and secondary. We would like to hang lesson files off it, set
    homework, collect work, grade assessments, upload classlists from csv
    files. All basic stuff. The facility for pupils (and staff) to
    collaborate would be a bonus, but we could use external sites instead.
    Whilst we can't access google apps for education, nor google docs, we
    will have access to other web apps. Bandwidth and file storage should be
    Having used Moodle previously and found it too
    fiddly, time consuming
    and ultimately costly to work as we wanted - hosted or internal - I'm
    afraid it is off the
    Haiku and Edmodo are a possible combo. Does anyone have
    other suggestions? Must be web hosted (i.e. please don't suggest Frog)
  2. wiv7

    wiv7 New commenter

    Have a look at KITE learning platform.
    Fairly new platform from e4education. Having had a lot of experience with learning platforms, I have had a demo from the company and it looks very impressive.
    If you need anymore info PM me.
  3. Great - I've had an interesting chat and awaiting further info - thanks for the pointer.
  4. We are an 11-16 high school and have had our website through e4education for a number of years so it was a natural progression to work with the company to look at developing a VLE that staff and students want and not one that a BIG COMPANY ( no names mentioned ) wanted to give us.
    The great thing about working with these guys is that they listen and respond to YOUR ideas and in a timescale that fits you not to a big corporation's road map.
    We would be delighted to give demos in school and let you talk to our staff and students - just give us a few days to let the dust settle.


  5. Check out Uniservity's LIFE platform too - there's some interesting stuff going on there too[​IMG]
  6. It's Learning is well worth a look - it's appealed to many Moodlers!


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