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Best way to teach handwriting Y1/Y2?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by frothycoffee, Oct 21, 2011.

  1. Due to Read Write Inc taking up all of our literacy time, we only have about 20 mins spare in the mornings to do handwriting, spellings and reading.
    Usually I take a reading group and the rest of the class practise their spellings, but I have not been doing any handwriting practise at all.
    If I left this for my TA to do with the rest of the class whilst I'm out reading, what would be the best way of teaching it? Would it be best to have a certain day of the week or everyday? Problem is what about the spellings?
    Also, how can handwriting practise be done so that it is differentiated properly and joined letters can be taught?
    Thank you
  2. Hi Frothycoffee,
    We do our spellings at the same time as handwriting. We read out the spellings group by group for their test. While each group is writing their spellings words that they have learnt for the test, the others are writing their spellings words from memory as handwriting practice, or copying some pre-prepared handwriting words from photocopied sheets.
    It is one way of fitting it in- not perfect, but the children are having practising their handwriting.


  3. When do you teach text types and genres?
  4. tortuman

    tortuman New commenter

    Isn´t Read Write Inc supposed to be a programme to work with spelling, writing and reading? If you do all the activities in it, why would you think you need other activities?
  5. The best way is to teach how to form letters correctly. Allow practice. Correct mistakes. Repeat the process until letters are formed correctly.
  6. mystery10

    mystery10 Occasional commenter

    The RWI phonics programme takes 1 hour per day in years 1 and 2, a shorter time is recommended in reception.
    It covers letter formation, writing and reading. Yes I'm sure that the scheme writers are not intending that there is no more literacy than 1 hour in the school day. However, I'm not sure that if you are following the scheme as set out in the handbook and lesson plans that you would want the extra literacy time to be for spelling, handwriting and "reading" (whatever you mean by that). There would be other aspects of literacy that you would wish to cover.
    It doesn't really sound as though your school is doing RWI per the scheme?

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