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Best VLE (web-hosted, and not Moodle)

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by slingshotsally, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. slingshotsally

    slingshotsally Star commenter

    Hi Madamfruschtuk,
    I have tried to use moodle too and found it a bit of a pain. Newham schools have been using Fronter, but you still needed to spend a lot of time "populating" it. However, most teachers were able to upload their plans after some support.
    Why don't you present this question on the ICT forum?
  2. Thanks for the info BPG. Fronter seems to get a mix of reviews from all angles. I'm hoping to hear there's a new breed of provider with a solution with all the key features and none of the awkwardness of most existing VLEs. I'll see what the ICT forum has to say.
    Thanks again,
  3. steveglover

    steveglover New commenter

    I've experience of many VLEs-digitalbrain, serco, blackboard, kaleidos, talmos, itslearning,uniservity, Frog and fronter and moodle in which alevelfrench.com is hosted.
    For ease of use itslearning gets my vote (not my goat like some of the others) and I have no axe to grind with that. It's elegant, looks cool and has an eportfolio built in.
    I have to say that I can't see how the putting together of resources is vastly different in any of them, and kids for instance find moodle very easy to use as goneunderground's school and others in Lancashire and some other authorities prove everyday.
    Having had a brief look at schoology.com mentioned by goneunderground they seem to have cleverly cloned the look from facebook to lure people into thinking it's easy to use. Writing sets of questions for auto-marking is as much a pain whatever you do it in however.

  4. Thanks everyone for the information - already some interesting things to look at. I'm extremely glad I mistakenly added the post to the MFL forums - I think you have a different perspective from the ICT chaps.
    Any more suggestions most welcome!
  5. I don't have any more suggestions sorry (in fact, pretty impressed with myself that I even suggested something other than Moodle, which is My Life[​IMG] ) but just wanted to comment that it's interesting you haven't had much response on the ICT forum after all . I think Steve Glover's post about the uploading and adding of resources being a similar issue whatever VLE you are using is a very valid one.
  6. Hi,

    We have a system that is current in Beta, but which is being used a live/active system for a number of departments at University College London. It's a web-based system, which provides all the basis VLE functionality, but which will be extended to include significant online video and application functionality (i.e. iPhone, iPad, etc).

    The design of the application is carried out by both our internal team, but we also pro-actively engage with the user base by providing a forum and development credits to allow bespoke work for individual courses, institutions, etc.

    I would be happy to provide a demo or discuss the product more, if that would be useful?

    Please let me know

    Best wishes

    Joseph Forrest
    CEO, Atheni

    0780 987 4317

  7. Steve - you're absolutely right about the effort required to piece all the resources together regardless of the platform... I've had a chat with Kite and it sounds promising - it should be launching in January 2012 - awaiting more information.
    Thanks Joseph for the information - I'll be in touch.


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