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Best Sports for gcse examination group

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by jameswills, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. Basically as the topic says, which are the best sports for accessment?
  2. i belive football is the best sport for gcse assesment
  3. care to expand? what about rounders?
  4. rounders is more difficult than you would expect, their are more individual skills to learn in rounders than football, football is basic and easy for those less talented to obtain a good mark
  5. what about the theory side of rounders thou? I heard it was far easier?
  6. its is easier to explain rounders, as the overall concept is very easey, however many people understand football more quickly as they have been brought up around it, why do belive rounders to be better? thoughts? veiws? coaching stratagies?
  7. Hit Ball > Run around sticks -------- When batting
    Throw Ball > Catch Ball ---------- When fielding
  8. i understand the deep and meaningfull explenation you have given for the game of rounders, many of my students want to take golf as an assesment sport, i have tryed to explain how difficult it is to gain a good mark? what have you done with golf?
  9. Nothing.
  10. i work in a public school, so im sure you wont be having anyone learning golf in yours.
  11. dont mention it- best rounders teacher ever.... out
  12. my husband is a sports teacher and he truly believes cricket is the key to assessment.
  13. cricket is dificult most children are scared of the ball.
  14. start with useing a tennis ball, then a wind ball then go on to a cricket ball, quick cricket is a great way to get children started
  15. good advice, our school doesnt have much money for all these fancy differnt types of balls? what do u suggest?
  16. a bouncy ball in a pair of socks is allways good, the bounce is unpredictable but its good if your school is low on funds, iv used socks for playing catch when i thought at a school with limited funds
  17. great advice ill give it a try
  18. brilliant , im glad i could help
  19. its refreshing to have some real advice on here

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