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Best Prime Minister we never had?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by red_observer, Sep 20, 2018.

  1. red_observer

    red_observer Star commenter

    great series on BBC Parliament at the moment with Steve Richards.
    Clearly for me it has to be John Smith.
  2. catmother

    catmother Star commenter

    I agree.
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  3. friedgreentomatoes

    friedgreentomatoes Star commenter

    Definitely John Smith.
  4. FrankWolley

    FrankWolley Star commenter

    Almost all political careers end in disappointment...With PMs the % is even higher! I suspect John Smith's profile would be lower if he had become PM! Gordon Brown, for example, might have a better image if he'd never been PM.

    PS OK, to answer the question, here are a few:

    • Dennis Healey
    • Paddy Ashdown
    • Ken Clarke

    To be even handed across the political spectrum!
  5. Jolly_Roger15

    Jolly_Roger15 Star commenter

    Brunel likes this.
  6. red_observer

    red_observer Star commenter

    Good post Frank!
    Healey I liked actually though was a bruiser!
    Ashdown sorry he’s hurt too sanctimonious.
    Clarke... a good ish Tory but he did subscribe to Thatcher so will be eternally damned!
    friedgreentomatoes likes this.
  7. Brunel

    Brunel Lead commenter

    I suspect you’re right about Smith’s profile being higher because he didn’t become PM. The demands of high office have led previously moderate drinkers astray and Smith wasn’t a moderate drinker.
  8. coffeekid

    coffeekid Star commenter

    John Smith.
  9. dumpty

    dumpty Star commenter

    Jacob Rees-Mogg
    lexus300 likes this.
  10. CraigCarterSmith

    CraigCarterSmith Senior commenter

    Awesome Trolling Sire
  11. Geoff Thomas

    Geoff Thomas Star commenter

    Hope it remains that way.
    JL48, knitone, MAGAorMIGA and 2 others like this.
  12. Nanook_rubs_it

    Nanook_rubs_it Star commenter

    Along with Johnson, the best never to have.
    JL48 and MAGAorMIGA like this.
  13. florian gassmann

    florian gassmann Star commenter

    Jeremy Hunt is said to be the most likely front-runner, should a vacancy occur. Boris's political career is finished while Rees-Mogg has no experience at ministerial - let alone, cabinet - level. Either, though, could turn out to be a Hesaltine (i.e. a stalking horse rather than a real contender).
  14. Duke of York

    Duke of York Star commenter

    The problem with playing this game it that there is a tendency to only include politicians of recent memory. As Robin Day referred to John Nott as "a here today, gone tomorrow politician", we might ponder where so many of them are now.
  15. BelleDuJour

    BelleDuJour Star commenter

    John Smith.
    I'm not a labour voter but he's have done a cracking job.
    cassandramark2 and red_observer like this.
  16. CeciledeVolanges

    CeciledeVolanges New commenter

    Have you considered George Lansbury. Very like Jeremy Corbyn (next PM).
    red_observer likes this.
  17. BelleDuJour

    BelleDuJour Star commenter

    It's a grim job being PM.
    Like being Queen...you die on the job.
    But more like being a Queen bee.............eventually your collegues turn onyou and sting you to death.
    You never leave the job on a high.....always a low.
    JL48 likes this.
  18. sparkleghirl

    sparkleghirl Star commenter

    Without even opening the thread I was also about to say John Smith. I remember clearly the day he died.

    Had he not died so suddenly the last two decades of british history could have been very different.
  19. Jolly_Roger15

    Jolly_Roger15 Star commenter

    "“Politics is the art of the possible, the attainable — the art of the next best”: Bismarck. In this rar of macho politics, compromise is seen as weakness, which often makes negotiation toxic.
  20. red_observer

    red_observer Star commenter

    After John Smith I would nominate Aneurin Bevan.

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