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Best practice in Summative Assessment (at KS3 especially)?

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by mature_maths_trainee, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. mature_maths_trainee

    mature_maths_trainee New commenter

    <font face="Calibri">Does anyone have a strongly recommended scheme or process of (primarily) summative KS3/KS4 assessment that is genuinely useful for tracking and motivating student progress over a period of years?</font>

    <font size="3">Specifically, I want something that is capable and effective (operating over a period of years) in identifying specific areas of strength and weakness for each student, and showing the degree of improvement in those particular areas. I want this because I feel that too often:</font>i)
    <font face="Calibri">If you feel that such assessment is too burdensome to justify the benefits, then what exactly are the barriers? [if it's primarily the burden on teachers of marking more tests, and recording more data, I can see technology overcoming those barriers imminently] </font><font face="Calibri">Cheers, MMT</font>
  2. mature_maths_trainee

    mature_maths_trainee New commenter

    Sorry for the awful formatting of above post.

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