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Best phonics activities

Discussion in 'Primary' started by lou77, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. What are the activites that you like the best? or the ones that the kids find the most exciting?
    I am finding that I am repeating the same activites and getting a bit fed up. I am teaching the end of phase 5 at the moment.
  2. I can send you some card & board games if you let me know the phonic patterns you are covering at the moment. I also have some posters.
    email: margaret2612@btinternet.com
  3. I tend to find that computer games are welcomed, and there are plenty of free sites, like topmarks, softschools, bbc, and the NGfL sites. I've got a few that I keep in my favourites, but if you google the phonic pattern you want to cover you can usually find something. ('Poop deck Pirates'on Kent NGfL site is very popular with pupils of quite a few language support teachers round our way).

    Good old-fashioned 'Stile' from LDA is often requested by my pupils, but you're looking at quite an outlay there, and not a whole class activity really IMO. Gamzuk are a dyslexia friendly site. They produce packs of cards with phonic patterns which are used to play 'switch' using patterns instead of traditional suits of cards, but again there's a cost involved (about £4 a pack, I think).

    Don't know what you're using already, so please forgive me if the following seems as though I'm teaching my granny to suck eggs - it's not intended to be patronising. I use stuff like bingo, matching pairs, chunks (onsets and rhymes picked out at random, who can make the most real words), timed how many ??? words can you make, crosswords, wordsearches and hangman. I'm not sure which age group to aim at, but most of the Y2-Y6 kids I work with like at least some of the above. Happy hunting.
  4. Ultimately, the children need to start building up and recalling spelling word banks. So, which words have the 'ch' grapheme as code for the /k/ sound?
    The children can 'act out' the words and then work in pairs to recall the words.
    Then they can go through the oral segmenting routine to count the sounds (write sound dashes for the sounds), then spell the words.
    e.g. arachnid (do Incy Wincy Spider), chorus (sing a chorus of a popular song), orchestra (do air instruments whilst singing another chorus), mechanic (get out a tool box and pretend to fix a car engine), orchid, choir, chaos, technical, school - and so on.
    Out of all the above words, special attention needs to be paid to 'choir' and perhaps 'chaos' to look how they are a bit tricky.
    The children do not need to do any form of 'look, cover, write, check' for such a bank of words. The acting out will help them to remember the actual words as the specific word bank for the focus letter/s-sound correspondence.

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