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Best PGCE Primary courses?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by bruders, May 11, 2008.

  1. ...and I got into hope with an International Business degree which has nothing to do with the NC! It is definitely a case by case basis which I see as a positive.
  2. I am looking to apply for a Primary PGCE this year and am debating where to apply to- I want to move South West to the Bristol area and so Bristol and Bath would be some obvious choices and I have heard that they are good- has anyone been to either of these?

    I went to the University of Warwick for my degree and currently live close, so now I am thinking maybe I should apply there because it is high on the league table?

    However, how easy is it to find a teaching job after completing the course that isn't in the local area to the University you studied in? I have read a few articles (including Ofsted reports) that talk about finding jobs in local schools upon completion, but if I did get into Warwick I would still want to move to Bristol after? Is it easier to find jobs near to where you studied your PGCE?

  3. Dear Charlie, I am considering applying for a primary PGCE for entry next year with specialism in music. my first degree is music from goldsmiths college in london. I am looking for places in london, and the Institute of education was recommended to me (it has a part time course which is what I am after). What do you think of the IOE PGCE and do you recommend any institution above another? Thanks!

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