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Best PGCE Primary courses?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by bruders, May 11, 2008.

  1. I would recommend you check with Liverpool Hope. I did an International Business and French degree and have an interview at Hope for Primary with French. Good luck!
  2. l1ammm

    l1ammm New commenter

    i wanted to apply to liverpool hope but they stated a 2:1 requirement when i had a 2:2. i rang and spoke to them and they encourgaed me to apply there as it wouldnt be a problem. i applied and didnt even get an interview i later found out it was because of my degree, even after speaking to them. after my application was rejected it was passed onto edge hill by the gttr. i was accepted there and am due to start in sept. i guess my point is you never know until they make a decision and even if you ring them they will still encourage you to apply.
  3. Thanks for the replies.

    Wouldnt get into Hope as don't have a degree relevant to the nat. cir.

    Does Edge hill take any type of degree?
  4. I got into Hope's PGCE Primary this September and I don't have a National Curriculum degree.

    I haven't finished my degree yet, but they made a conditional offer requesting I get a 2:1. I understood from their literature that they wouldn't accept anything less than a 2:1.

    Worth a go. Make sure you get in really early. They look through and even interview before the closing date for applications.

    Good luck.
  5. Reading Uni is meant to be excellent. I'm going there and one of the main reasons is that I heard nothing but positive reports about it :)
  6. Edge Hill is the best in the North when it comes to teaching, I've just finished my degree there but didn't get on the PGCE so I'm off to Uni of Cumbria. But as I've come to realise in a way doesn't quite matter where you do it as long as you get on. (learn that from being rejected - lol).
  7. There is an official list somewhere online of results etc. Cambridge, Exeter and Bath Spa rate highly as far as I can remember. best of luck.
  8. Sorry I learnt that from being rejected.
  9. Also from what I know if you're doing general primary you need atleast 50% in a national curriculum subject. I have a degree in English & Media joint, so I just meet the requirement.
  10. If you want to do Primary, there is no stipulation that you must have 50% NC based content in your degree. This varies massively between universities and you must check before applying what the entrance criteria is for each institution.

    In terms of which is best, often it is the 'non-traditional' institutions that have the best reputation for ITT. Most of the old 'polys' and colleges have a long history in teacher training. When it comes to getting a job though, you'll find schools just won't care where you did PGCE - just how you performed on the course!

  11. Francis

    Are you Primary or secondary at Reading?
  12. I think it depends on what you want, as there is a lot of choice within institutions now.

    I wanted 3 placements rather than 2, so I had a complete placement under my belt when it was time to apply for teaching jobs.

    I also wanted the Post-grad rather than professional qualification, as I already have a higher degree. What you want will quickly narrow down your choices of institution.

    I have heard that Notts Trent; Edge Hill; Sheffield Hallam; and Bath Spa are all very good. You can also go onto the OFSTED website to read their reports of ITT providers.

    Hope this helps!

  13. skellig1182

    skellig1182 Senior commenter

    I would say that although having a NC subject degree is desirable, this should not put anyone off.

    My degree is in Theatre and Film/TV studies. Theatre and English are not dissimilar and overlap hugely (from linguistics to character analysis.)

    Film and TV studies has developed my ICT skills. We all understand the relevance of ICT in Schools.

    A few weeks ago in School, the children were learning about Ancient Greece/Greek Myth. This is something I enjoyed immensely at university. In class we were developing script/play writing skills(literacy) and performing them. Not only did my knowledge of ancient Greece contribute, but also my understanding of play scripts/theatre ect ect...

    If every teacher had followed a NC subject at degree level then maybe they would all be far to similar and that would be boring!

    Goodluck to everyone:eek:)
  14. Mithra - I'm Primary with French at Reading :). What about you?
  15. Good luck to those of you who will be starting at Reading. I just finished a primary PGCE there. Let me know if you have any questions.
  16. When I was deciding last year I looked at the following resources.

    TDA website tool to compare the ITTs using a range of different data:

    Ofsted reports of the ITTs:

    ITT 'league table' compiled by the university of Buckingham (I'd take it with a pinch of salt as it is from 2005, but still interesting):

    The Institute of Education was ranked the best out of the ones in London, and also did the Primary French course so that's why I chose it. I know Sheffield Hallam has an excellent reputation for Primary and is very popular.

    Good luck!

  17. elfo

    elfo New commenter

    I got into Hope to do Primary with French, and I have a degree in Popular Music, so there's hope for everyone!
  18. just wanted to add my two penneth to this, I'm going to liverpool hope for Primary with German PGCE in September, and my degree is in European Studies with German. German isn't quite a N.C subject, European Studies is History, Geography, Politics etc, but I still haven't worked out whether they took ES as a NC subject or not...
  19. I d just like to add that I got into Hope with a relatively broad degree in European Studies.

    However it did specialise in French, history and ICT - so I used that to my advantage both on my application and in the interview. Of course, a good standard of English is nessicary for passing all exams, so use that to your advantage.
    I got a 1.1 degree so maybe that helped? I also applied for a Primary MFL and my erasmus year in France helped in passing the interview through French. I had many A levels in the national cirriculum subjects. (that can also help)
    Also I had one years teaching English abroad experience so maybe that worked in my favour?

    My advice would be that if you have a vague sounding degree use it and your experience to MAKE IT RELEVANT to the national cirriculum. For example politics can intertwine with History and every thing you will study is relevant to having a good standard of English.

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