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Best MFL technology?

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by GroovyGuzi, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. Have a look at the ICT for Language Teacher website, which covers a very wide range of manifestations of technology that supports MFL:
    I would recommend starting with these sections:
    Module 1.1, Section 4: What can ICT offer the language teacher and the language learner?
    Module 1.1, Section 2: How effective are new technologies in promoting language learning?
    Module 1.4, Section 1: What is Computer Assisted Language Learning?
    Module 1.5, Section 2.1: What is Web 2.0?
    (Sub-section 2.1.3 lists many examples of Web 2.0 applications.)
    Module 1.5, Section 12.2.2: Useful blogs created by and for language teachers - find out what other MFL teachers are doing:
    Regarding hardware, especially digital labs, see:
    Davies G., Bangs P., Frisby R. & Walton E. (2011 revised edition) Setting up effective digital language laboratories and multimedia ICT suites for Modern Foreign Languages, London: CILT: http://www.camsoftpartners.co.uk/docs/CILT_Digital_Labs.doc
    Join Twitter and ask the "MFL Twitterati" what they would recommend.
    Graham Davies

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