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best family car (on a budget - used cars only)

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by loobieloo, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. loobieloo

    loobieloo New commenter

    Some info I was given by a garage man who was taking away my old car...buy Japanese! They just don't go wrong very often. He said he was rarely called out to Japanese cars and apparently Honda and Toyota are best.They also hold their value unlike a lot of other cars. We have a Honda Civic and its lovely - its a newish one but its great and the design is fab - extra space in an already big boot and very clever fold up back seats. We have only 1 child but have a big dog and its perfect! plus it looks good!! Drove a vauxhall meriva as a courtesy car and thought it was horrible - really thin and plasticky ie didn't feel protected in it at all. Test drive everything!!
  2. We've just traded in our old Mondeo before it completely gave up (loved it though as was so roomy!), couldn't afford a more recent one, so we went for a Ford C-Max...loving it at the moment...big boot, plenty of space for LO and everything she comes with! The back seats do all kind of weird things, but haven't tried them yet! It's not a 7 seater as we couldn't afford one in the end and my OH refused for some reason which bugged me but now happy we went with 2nd hand ford. It cost us 6k as we went for a zetec version, but did see some for 5k.
  3. Hi,
    I would agree with buy Japanese if you can, the best car I ever had was a Toyota Yaris, though sadly it was too small to be a family car :-(
    Firstly are you sure you need a double pram? There is 14 months between my boys, and I really regret spending £600 on double buggy only for my eldest to decide he wanted to walk everywhere from about 16 months. That might help you compromise on boot space if you need to!
    My only other advice is DO NOT get a VW touran, it seems everyone I speak to with one has had the same problems with regards to engine lights coming on and not being fixable. We test drove aFord S max and it felt like a tank, the C max might well be a better option.

  4. We've just got a Mazda 5 and are happy with it so far. Can seat up to 7 but doesn't seem too big when you're driving it.
  5. As a bit of a leftfield suggestion, what about a Hyundai Matrix? I've done a filtered search on autotrader for diesel ones- (there are only 18 in the country under £4k - centred on Birmingham http://bit.ly/eKLqi1
    Adjust the postcode and distance as appropriate!
    There are lots more of them with petrol engines but they are much less economical.
    The advantages of the Hyundai are (i) they depreciate quickly so second hand ones are fairly cheap and (ii) they came with a five year warranty, so the first owners should have had it serviced by Hyundai for at least the first five years.
    Just a bit different from the Scenics/Picassos/Zafiras/Tourans - but harder to find!
    Another similarly oddball suggestion is the Daewoo or Chevrolet (depending on age) Tacuma, which also would have fairly low second hand values.

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