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Best ever interview question

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by poor tom, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. "If you could play any role in any show, what would you choose, & why?"

    But apparently I didn't give the best answer... :-(
  2. What did you say?
  3. It's a great question......

    If you are in the pub and half cut.

    If that was for a teaching job, you should feel lucky you didn't get it, if they ask questions like that.

    BTW What did you say?

    Mine would be Gregor in Berkoff's Metamorphosis. Love the play, love the physicality and the demands it brings.
  4. Anthony, in Julius Caesar.
    Lying, successfully manipulative, smarmy; the consummate communicator (way better than our current lying politicos).
    Because I would like to get in touch with the side of me that I neglect, being an honest, upright, truthful sort of chap...
  5. I'd play Nancy in Frozen - great part! In reality though, that's quite an unusual question for an interview. What do you think they were hoping to see from your answer?
  6. Something creative and beyond-the-ticky-box...
    Or perhaps how up-to-date my theatregoing was. My other choice would have been the wonderfully-understated comedy of Malcolm in Greig's 'Dunsinane'.
    Hmmn, both with Shakespearean and ancient-history dimensions. Perhaps I really am a dinosaur!!
  7. With a stupid question like that you should have given a stupid answer... here's my multiple choice responses:
    a) "I'd like to play 'Bob The Builder' because I like to build up my pupils belief in themselves" (Cheesy... and Yes there is a Bob the builder 'show' for all those of you who don't have offspring under 6)
    b) Or you could say... "In the words of the illustrious pop group 'scouting for girls'... 'I wish I was James Bond, just for a day, kissing all the girls, blow the bad guys away"' (and yes - for those of you screaming THAT'S A FILM CHARACTER! there have been several various James Bond themed stage shows over the years)
    c) But my favourite daft response would have to be... "I would like to play the role of Alan Strang in Equus because I like being naked around horses"... of course I DON'T... but wouldn't it be great to see the look on the interview panel's faces!!! [​IMG]
  8. It isn't a stupid question. It's a good open ended question that gives a candidate an opportunity to show their personality, interest, enthusiasm and knowledge. It's a gift for an enthusiastic teacher while a boring teacher will simply say 'what a stupid question'.
  9. Just to add to my last post. One of the main things that causes a candidate to be successful at interview is their personality; is the candidate bright, lively, sparky and enthusiastic. You can assume that all candidates have similar levels of expertise and experience, that's why they've all been called to interview so they fey factor is likely to personality. If you want to get at personality the interview panel needs to ask open ended questions that will allow the candidate to show their interest and enthusiasm. I always used to ask 'tell me about the most amazing piece of theatre you have ever seen'. If the answer is short and consists of 'our school production of Grease' or 'Les miserables' they were probably not going to get my vote. However if they said 'I saw the production of Kneehigh's hansel at gretel last summer at the Asylum' and then spent the next five minutes being really excited then they would bee in with a chance.
  10. Yep, that's a fair point. I have asked 'what was the last thing you enjoyed at the theatre' to give me a sense of the candidate's personal tastes and interests before. I guess that's perhaps quite similar.
    Ralf is right as well about personality - it definitely plays a big part.
  11. Thanks, Ralph & Crunchy... and for making me smile, music man.

    I've since then[​IMG] had a meaningful feedback on the application & interview. How many times when you've had 'feedback' can you say it's been meaningful? But I had a realy useful feedback session, and have incorporated some changes into my next application.
    The feedback was detailed & sytematic, pointing out for example, statements in the application form which made me look arrogant when I was trying to say something else... And pointers for things I can actually do to make a stronger application next time.
    Thank you, school which I will not name here, for treating me decently.

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