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Best Corrie quote

Discussion in 'Personal' started by 05dan10, Apr 2, 2011.

  1. Living with her, no way!
  2. When Ashley died and Sean said, We used to have this little joke. I'd go into the butchers and he'd say 'Mince?' and I'd say 'Homophobe'!
    And Steve's line recently about not being an Amber Gambler really tickled me.
  3. Danny at Rovers' bar and asks for something cold, wet and alcoholic... 'I'm afraid Janice Battersby's not in tonight,' came the reply.
  4. Danny gives Janice her weekly wages. She inspects packet and realises that it's not all there. She says to Danny (putting out her hand), 'I'm short!'
    Danny replies, ' I told you not to wear stripes, Janice.'
    God, I'm on a roll! Steve McDonald is coming out of his house on Coronation St and as he closes the front door behind him, he shouts a response to whoever is in the house, 'they're next to the jelly moulds.' ???

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