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Best choice Primary School VLE

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by DEmsley, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. DEmsley

    DEmsley New commenter

    Not used either as we're secondary but one of our feeders like itslearning.
    Have you looked at WebAnywhere? They do a primary adaptation of Moodle.

  2. <font size="3" face="Calibri">It seems that you are understating your role. </font>
    If you really are trying to be supportive of
    the ICT coordinator you might consider how you can equip them with the skills
    etc to be able to carry out their job, this might involve training,
    opportunities for them to find out about the possibilities etc but I doubt very
    much that it involves you guiding them to decisions you appear to have already
    made, no matter how well intentioned.

  3. scruffycat

    scruffycat New commenter

    No it is a good set up. A not for profit runs the infrastructure an it coordinator looks after curriculum this is the web person. The current primary site package can do only so much. They are keen as hell. He has not time to research. The staff are more than capable of teachings it is the r & d they need to get more social constructivism in a modern way onto their curriculum.

    I was in their group it meeting where the problem was clearly they were all doing separate jobs and the head wants the cohesion in place.

    However how best to get all the stuff they do in school out by involving the kds who wilL influemce their parents. This needs a good tool. Anyone actually used one that gets kids working together beyond the classroom.?

    Saw a couple of mad bts of software which has been really developed http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDU6xexh6F4&feature=player_embedded

    I've s sheltered life in secondary. Makes me wonder what we could really do with mind raft?

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