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Best book for 3rd Form French?

Discussion in 'Independent' started by MissDumond, Jan 4, 2017.

  1. MissDumond

    MissDumond New commenter

    Dear all,

    This year, I am 'trying' to get my 4th form through the new GCSE curriculum which is not an easy task I'm sure you will agree.

    The difficulty for me is that the demand is so much higher from what they studied last year in 3rd Form therefore, I am trying to think ahead and hunting for the best KS3 books to prepare the students well for the new GCSE.

    I am currently using Studio AQA GCSE French book. Would anyone have any idea what book would be best suited to prepare the students for that? We are currently using Studio 1,2 and 3 however, studio 3 is NOT to our taste at all (!)

    Could you please let me know which books you are using and how good do you think they are... do these books offer good support for translations for instance?

    Many thanks in advance for your kind replies

    Mademoiselle D.
  2. willcott

    willcott New commenter

    I'm afraid I don't have a superb text book I can recommend. All I can say is that we use Tricolore 3 in Year 9 and Tricolore 4 in Ys10-11. Our pupils take the CIE IGCSE. Tricolore is not my choice and, if it were my choice, I would look at alternatives. It is good for higher ability however.

    Just to clarify, I assume that 3rd form = Year 9 and 4th form = Y10.
  3. MissDumond

    MissDumond New commenter

    Thank you ever so much!... would you say Tricolore prepares the students well to translations as well?

    To clarify: 3rd form means Year 9 indeed, apologies for the confusion =-)
  4. willcott

    willcott New commenter

  5. MissDumond

    MissDumond New commenter

    You are very kind Willcott!

    Many thanks for the link, it is very helpful!

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