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Bermuda - would you?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by musicismyreligion, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. What's housing like?
    Are the beaches accessible or are they private like in some islands?

  2. Sounds good
  3. yasimum

    yasimum New commenter

    Don't take this as gospel but I was chatting online with a friend who is in Bermuda and from what she was saying, the salary is good but there is no package included, just the salary.
  4. Thanks for that information, yasimum. Does your friend like it there?
    I figured we would be getting about 140,000 US after social and even with health and expensive rent we'd still have about 90,000 US. So I am figuring the salary might be okay?

    Do you know if your friend saves? And how expensive do flights get? I have lived on an island before but we were on a beach so we didn't want to go anywhere on weekends but still traveled in long holidays.
    Are teachers able to get places to live on the beach in Bermuda?

  5. yasimum

    yasimum New commenter

    I will ask next time I see her online sangster.
  6. Thank you.
  7. gecko10

    gecko10 New commenter

    email me privately i have info.

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