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Bermuda - would you?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by musicismyreligion, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. musicismyreligion

    musicismyreligion New commenter

    Considering next move. Anyone got any nuggets of info or advice on Bermuda?
    I'm thinking of all pros and cons...

    Cheers in advance!
  2. stopwatch

    stopwatch Lead commenter

    Yes I would
  3. SMT dude

    SMT dude New commenter

    No I wouldn't. Already a small island where everyone knows and watches each other, it is further reduced by the fact that about half of it is a no-go area.
  4. stopwatch

    stopwatch Lead commenter

    Bit like the Bahamas, so called 'Paradise Island' - far from it. I went 'over the hill' a few times when I visited my brother who worked there (accompanied by a 20 stone Bahamian minder) in my 20's (no innuendos FP thank you). Scary stuff
    I'm OK with the everyone knows/watches each other. Many expat communities are like this.
    I fancy a few 'beer in the hand, feet in the sand' expat years to see my time out thank you very much.
  5. hey music- we meet again ;)
    I applied.
  6. spanboy

    spanboy Occasional commenter

    Have sent you a PM
  7. mungomango

    mungomango New commenter

    I worked there 2 years ago. Not dangerous at all for expats. Great money. I would say go. Local/expat resentment but similar in lots of places. PM me for more info.
  8. kemevez

    kemevez Occasional commenter

    Same everywhere but if you ain't a *** the locals will like you.
  9. yasimum

    yasimum New commenter

    I know someone who is working there at the moment. I will alert her to your post.
  10. musicismyreligion

    musicismyreligion New commenter

    Thanks to everyone for your thoughts/comments!
    I gave it a whirl... We'll see
  11. johnstoneh

    johnstoneh New commenter

    Music - did you apply for the position at Saltus? Just wondering if you've heard anything back yet.
  12. Hi john, are you awaiting a response?
  13. musicismyreligion

    musicismyreligion New commenter

    Are people still waiting?? Let us know if you hear/get the job!

  14. Hi all, I have been offered and accepted, just thought I should drop you a line! All the best everyone!
  15. Hi
    What do you think of Bermuda? The school, the kids?
    I have seen jobs there for my spouse and I. Overall is seems a place we would like, however we have no idea what the salary is like. Could you give me an idea of the package they offer?
    Any information would be appreciated.
    Thank you.
  16. ...or, 'Fart in Hamilton and they smell it in St. Georges' as my grandmother, who had both long experience of the place and a way with words, used to put it. Given family connections always wanted to go even though someone else once told me that once you'd scuba dived and wife swapped for a fortnight there wasn't a lot left to do. Have to say the Salty school looks great to me.
  17. This thread prompted me to skim the internet when I came across this site. Put together by someone with an admitted axe to grind, and therefore of questionable reliability, it nevertheless suggests that it's not just the rum and ginger ale that can be dark and stormy...


    Interesting as a counterpoint to obvious attractions?
  18. I found a site which says the salary 80,000 US up. That sounds like it would be okay to me even with 15% off for social if 2 people were working. Am I right?

    Scubadiving and wife swapping sound like fun new things to try to me.
  19. Nope.
    Unbelievably expensive rtn flights via NY and dodgy schools and accounting.
  20. When you say dodgy schools, are you talking about Bermudan schools in general or this one in particular?
    I will pm you.

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