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Benjamin Zephania

Discussion in 'English' started by figgins, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. Next term I am doing Zephania with year ten for the OCR Lit exam. I have searched the internet but can't find any recordings of the poems in performance. Does anyone know if any exist?
    The poems are:
    Biko the greatness
    Bought and Sold
    Breakfast in east Timor
    Chant of a Homesick ***
    Deep in Luv
    Having a Word
    Jimmy Grows Old
    Press Ups and Sit Ups
    Room for Rent
    The Woman has to Die
    Three Black Males
    What If
    What Stephen Lawrence has Taught Us.
    Also, if anyone knows of any background material on Zephania or the issues he deals with on the internet, I'd be really grateful to be pointed in the right direction.
    Thanks, F.
  2. gruoch

    gruoch Established commenter

    Have you tried You Tube for performance? There are deninitely some there, but I don't know about those you're studying.
    I have a C4 video on BZ, but it may not be available on DVD.
  3. Thanks gruoch, I trawled youtube but, strangely, those poems aren't on there. I checked his website but no joy either. For a performance poet he seems a little shy on these poems at least!!

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