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Benidorm TV Series 2011

Discussion in 'Personal' started by 05dan10, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. Hi Guys,
    Just wondering do any of you watch the TV series, Benidorm?
    I've watched it right from the start and quite like it!
    It is a bit crude in places though, especially Jacqueline and Donald - who say they are quite BROAD MINDED!
    What do you guys think to it?
  2. sparklyeyes

    sparklyeyes New commenter

    absolutely love it!!!!!!! Denise Welsh was fab on friday night!!
  3. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    We;ve watched it right from the start. Brilliant. having have quite a few hilidays in Spain (Not Benidorm) I can recall meeting many of the characters depicted and can recognise myself in some of them.
  4. Helena Handbasket

    Helena Handbasket New commenter

    I love it too!
    I have a friend who is quite above herself and when I watched it with her she sat there sour faced (just like Kate in the programme!)
  5. A few years ago we went to Benidorm for a lads weekend away.
    It was only till the end of the last series that I noticed that the hotel on the TV series is the one we stayed in!
    It's really called Hotel Sol Pelicanos-Ocas not the Solana Resort!
    Nothing like they portray it on the TV series at all!

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