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Being Pushed out of Teaching

Discussion in 'Welcome lounge and forum help' started by Anon0483D, Sep 16, 2020.

  1. Anon0483D

    Anon0483D New commenter

    Why the hell do they keep advertising for new teachers when I feel like I’ve been pushed out of it. In ten years I have only ever had temp contracts something which never happened to me in industry. Is this because I’m Creative based? I love teaching and am so passionate about what I do and the students I teach.

    I finally feel good at something yet cannot get a role because I’m now too expensive and it is not a vital subject. I’ve been on with an agency since January and managed a week of work prior to lockdown. I’m still awaiting a call for work and regardless of having six years previous experience in Marketing and a Masters in Design I feel like I’m over qualified and not experienced enough to back into industry. Something actually I don’t really want to go back into.

    It’s been an exhausting year and it breaks my heart but I feel I have no option but to leave the profession. Every time I go for a job lately I lose out to an NQT or the last job interview I had they told me my interview was excellent and so was my lesson however I didn't elaborate how I got such good results. They never even asked me a question about my results, it was me going off on a tangent whilst answering another question. This makes it so difficult to understand what is wanted from me?! As my brother in law said ‘You would never get junior’s going for executive roles in industry!’ Actually this is true. I feel like the more experience you have in this profession the less valued you are when applying for new roles.

    So once again, why are they advertising for teachers when so many of us are in my situation?

    Apologies for my rant I am just so frustrated and feel so let down especially when I have always given my roles everything, had amazing results and extremely high numbers of students opt for the subject and still here I am unemployed at 37 despite all the education and experiences I have got.
  2. hankay

    hankay Occasional commenter

    It's funny because I find myself with the completely opposite sentiment to you.

    I'm an NQT in a creative field, and I feel as if nobody will give me the time of day because they would favour someone, such as yourself, with more experience. The one job that I had the highest chance of getting (a maternity cover post in the department where I did my PGCE placement), I didn't get and lost it to someone "with more experience" - despite me knowing the staff and getting brilliant feedback from them and students during my time there. My mentor even told me that "anywhere would be lucky" to have me.

    I figured that in the current situation, educational employers (or employers generally for that matter) don't have the time or resources to hold an NQT's hand while they get settled into the role. Thus favouring more established teachers every time.

    It's hard for anyone who didn't manage to bag a job before September and you have every right to feel frustrated. But don't lose hope. If teaching is what makes you happy, then don't walk away from it. We all have to keep trying, whether we are NQTs or well-established professionals.
  3. Anon0483D

    Anon0483D New commenter

    Oh wow well apologies for my rant and thank you for your support. It's strange isn't it? I'm just losing hope. But for you, keep going you're in a much better position than me.
  4. hankay

    hankay Occasional commenter

    You don't need to apologise, I didn't take your post personally. Why would I, when I'm not the one taking job opportunities from you due to me sitting at home on dole? :p As I said, you're entitled to be frustrated. You have a wealth of experience and a high level of subject-specific education. It's perfectly reasonable to feel that you are entitled to a chance. I feel the same way sometimes. I had a higher level of education than any of the staff on my PGCE placement, so bar the experience, on paper I was more qualified to teach that subject than any of them. But they have jobs and I don't, and it's just the way the cookie crumbles.

    TES is a very supportive forum and no matter what is troubling you, there will always be someone willing to console or advise you. So please continue to share your troubles if you ever need to vent. We all know that no good comes of bottling things up.
  5. Anon0483D

    Anon0483D New commenter

    Ha ha. I do have many years of experience and a Masters in the subject area however it still doesn't seem to have got me far. It's extremely frustrating that there are so many of us over qualified sat here unemployed. Let's hope something gives way soon, we need the creative sector. When i was at school it was booming and compulsory.

    Thank you very much, maybe you should turn to counselling?
  6. hankay

    hankay Occasional commenter

    It's funny you should mention that, and you aren't the first to suggest it. People seem to regard me as having a knack for helping skills. I'm currently undergoing a CACHE Level 2 Counselling course to try and give me some extra flair on my CV and demonstrate indepenent CPD. I also figured that mental-health is such a big challenge that many students in Arts Education face, so why not better equip myself to deal with and support it? The course itself is all remote-learning and is terribly organised, not engaging at all. But I have often thought about diverting from teaching at some point to go into occupational therapy.

    Something will give way. I don't know if it will be soon, but it will happen eventually. People hypothesise about second lockdowns or institutes realising they are under-staffed so an influx of available positions. At the end of the day, nobody really knows, so I think while you have the spare time you should use it to your advantage.

    I've realised that as long as I'm doing something related to the Arts, then it will still be relevant and not look out of place on my CV. Aside from teaching/tutor posts, I've applied for A&D Technician posts, gallery assistants, creating educational visual displays, etc - all to no avail currently. Maybe you could also look at similar roles (or similarly attached to your own context) if you aren't already?
  7. Anon0483D

    Anon0483D New commenter

    I actually am applying for alternate roles and even looking at going back into even further education. so we will see. I'm glad you're considering other options, it's just so sad it's so early on in your teaching career.
  8. hankay

    hankay Occasional commenter

    Is your background in secondary? My goal is to work in FE, so it's funny (yet again) how you seemingly see FE as a last resort. :p But we all have our reasons to wanting to go into whatever context.

    And yep, I often feel like my life is over before it's even begun, as I've mentioned in other threads revolving around unemployment. I question what was the point of it all, but as I've also said to others here - nothing worth having comes easy.
    Atleast you have had a taste of a rewarding life and career before it was snatched away from you. You should find some comfort in that.
  9. Anon0483D

    Anon0483D New commenter

    Yes, it is secondary and would love to teach FE but actually looking at doing another Masters. Yes and I have loved every minute of it thats whats so sad. It's like a computer game, we get stuck and have to jump the hurdle. I've met so many people over the years who have left the profession because they couldn't cope or didn't like it. Unfortunately those are not my reasons. There are so many amazing teachers out there that haven't been given the chance to prove themselves or that schools have not had faith in. My Dad has his own consultancy and can't believe how many knock backs and constant criticism we have to face. We have to stay positive but I cannot deny it has taken it's toll on my well being. So creating a new direction is my aim at the moment like yourself.

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