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Being pushed out- hours cut- help please!!

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by LittleMissCurious, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. BBH29, in a word, no. If a reduction in staffing is needed, a formal procedure needs to be followed. Speak to your Union office ASAP about this. Firstly, your Head and Governors need to identify what cuts need to be made in terms of hours. If possible, the reduction should be made through non-renewal of temporary contracts. If this is not possible, all staff should then be notififed at a staff meeting that a reduction will take place. Trade Unions also have to be advised. There then needs to be an informal consultation period (someone else may offer to go part time/reduce hours, or even spot a solution to the issue) If no solution is found, slection criteria concerning the school's staffing needs should be applied to identify a pool of possible staff for redundancy. In a Primary School, this could be all teachers, but in a Secondary could be more subject-specific. There then needs to be a skills audit of the identified group, which is based on the school's current and future needs. This is then scored and anonymised for the Governors to identify the staff member(s) to be made redundant. That person then has the right to appeal and can, if necessary, be offered a contract for less hours.
    My Union (Notts NUT) has a local agreement in place about the procedure, which you can read on their website. Your own Union may have something similar. There are strict timescales to adhere to, and the process cannot be ignored by SMT. Definitely get Union advice ASAP though... I've bee through this twice in my small primay school, ending up being identified as the candiadate for reduncancy last time, and my local NUT office were very helpful throughout.
  2. I think this should be treated as a potential redundancy process. OP needs to follow your advice and contact union at county level for support.
    Local agreements, however well intentioned, have no legal force and certainly could not replace existing legislation. The LA should be involved as well to make sure the school follows the legal process correctly.
    If the LA decide it is a redundancy process, I think it is already too late for enough time to be allowed for it to take effect from September.
  3. As already suggested, get in touch with your Branch Secretary IMMEDIATELY if you have not already done so.

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