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being on supply = not getting interviews!?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by anon1369, May 17, 2011.

  1. I have been on supply since qualifying last summer. When in my training year I was doing quite well receiving job interviews but there was always someone better who got the job.
    I've been applying for quite a few jobs recently and since I have changed my letter of application to state that I am currently a supply teacher I have not had a single interview. Infact my last interview was in January but as I was rushing to get the form in as it was due on the same day I forgot to include the fact I was on supply and instead just changed it to say I qualified in the summer. This could obviously just be a coincidence but I get the feeling that being on supply is putting schools off.
    Has anybody else found this? Also how do you effectively incorporate it into your letter of application? I have tried to write about the positives but I'm all out of ideas after that.
  2. Yes I do agree with you, because I'm applying for permanent positions too and there has not been a 'sniff' of a possible interview. I am getting the feeling that schools see 'supply teachers' as those who are left on the side - the reason does not matter and they will not even give us a chance.
    To me it all seems very suspect. Also the fact is that we are stating the truth that we are and have been doing supply work and that thus there is no gap in our employment history and even then we are caught in this predicament even more so. For me it is important to get a job very soon as I feel that I might be losing my professional competence the longer this stay of execution continues.....
  3. Sorry to disagree with Harry1978, but I am in a similar position & I always state that I am currently working as a supply teacher. I'm not sure where you are, but I live in SW where there are often 100+ applicants for each vacancy, but I have had 5 interviews (3 went to internal candidates, 2 I was second, so hoping for 3rd time lucky). I wonder do you put the way in which supply has developed your practice, relating it to the person spec??? I'm sure you are...... If you are feeling confident enough, why don't you contact a head where you have applied and ask what you could do to improve...... It's not something that I have done, but know others that have.
  4. I too qualified last year and I have been on the hunt for a job ever since.
    The job situation is dire - round my way (SW) there has been up to 500 applications for one post! I asked for feedback on a recent application, to be told by the HT that the reason I was not shortlisted was because I am a supply teacher and this raises questions over my ability as I did not secure a post after qualifying. For the record, this is not because I am a bad teacher, I was graded outstanding on my final teaching practice, there were just very few jobs to apply for by the time I finished my course. I change my application everytime I write a new one to personalise it to the school. and person specification. I have gained extra experience through supply and yet I can still not secure a post or even an interview.
  5. Rugby_gal I think you have been very unlucky to come across a head that has such a negative, narrow-minded view of supply teachers. It could be the case that some HTs aren't keen on supply teachers who have been working 'just' for an agency (to be clear, I am making no value judgements, just speculating!!) All of the three schools that I supply for actually suggested to me prior to me finishing PGCE that supply/TAing is the best way of ensuring that potential employers can see that you are 1) Keeping up to date with the ever changing field of primary education 2)You are not de-skilling 3) That you are committed to your chosen profession! Harry 1978 I am also in the SW, I had an interview last week, where they had had 140 applications.......
  6. DB9required, I do agree with you! It was very unlucky to come across a head who had those views. However, as I have applied for at least 6 jobs since those comments, revamping my statements to show how much I've gained from supply and had them checked by SMT and HTs, who say that they are strong applications, I am still not getting anywhere. I was told the same as you about the benefits of doing supply as an NQT, but now I'm wondering how much truth there was in it!
  7. I feel your pain as I am in the same boat ........It is so, so demoralising.......... Have you been following the advice by Theo (on the jobseekers forum)??? Is there a sympathetic head that could cast their eye over your application?? Depends when you qualified, but some universities allow graduates to use their careers service for 3/4 years after they have left - it may be worth giving them a call & asking them to look at your applications........
  8. Really should have read your post more thoroughly!!!
  9. SW secondary is shot to bits at the moment and has been for ages. If you are from Truro SCITT, you have a better chance than the zillions of "outsiders". I know so many teachers in this boat, it's nuts. A total and utter non-starter. You could of course put in an application for Camborne, not sure why, but every term, they pretty much turn over all their staff! I expect they have some sort of creative, dynamic, blue-skies thinking about stakeholders and bottom up rather than top down bullshizzle as an excuse. I had a look at the science jobs going at the moment (a few years ago there would have been loads) and note 1. So, consider the SCITT emptying out, then consider Marjons (usually about 60) then consider Plymouth Uni, etc, etc, etc, etc. Then consider last years lot and the lot from the year before, plus all the romantics who want big holidays in a lovely place........ Total and utter non-starter.
  10. darkness

    darkness New commenter

    Depends on the ad. If they say 'NQTs can apply' it sometimes indicates where they are going with the application process, however, even if you are an NQT, if you have worked supply for a while, they may think they need to give extra award up the payscale, usually because of experience, therefore, you will be more expensive than perhaps a really really brand spanking new NQT.

    Could be because as you say you mention you are a supply, or could be you are not really what that particular school is looking for.

  11. I have followed all of Theo's advice and been in contact with the uni careers service all year. Unfortunately, because they are not in the business of hiring teachers like schools are, they can say when an application sounds good, but not necessarily if it will help you to get the post you are after!!

  12. DB9 required: I have followed all of Theo's advice and been in contact with the uni careers service all year. Unfortunately, because they are not in the business of hiring teachers like schools are, they can say when an application sounds good, but not necessarily if it will help you to get the post you are after!!
  13. smilelikeyoumeanit

    smilelikeyoumeanit New commenter

    Know how you feel with this. When I had a perm job, I was getting interviews, but no job. Now, it is very rare if I get an interview. Only had an interview in a school where I was doing long term, and one for a mat leave. A head has looked over my app too.
    It is so frustrating - I feel as though am am starting 3 steps behind everyone else.It's putting me off looking round schools (time off needed) and applying.
    Hope something turns up for you CrazyChemist
  14. I have had a few interviews whilst I've been on supply (including two this week), but I've sent off considerably more application forms. I'm still hoping for a long term supply job as I feel that'll make subsequent interviews a lot easier, as I'll be able to put down something other than supply, and I'll also not be out of practice with planning and delivering lesson
  15. Just to say I went for 2 interviews this week. I have been out of teaching 4 years (doing CPD and training) and am getting ready for supply and applying for other jobs. I was pleased to get shortlisted after such a break but both schools said I need more up to date experience and to get some supply under my belt. The jobs I am applying for are all part time interestingly and I am not convinced have as many applications. 5 years ago I was looking to relocate and couldn't get an interview from hundreds of applications as I was top of pay scale in a permanent job. I was then forced to apply for management jobs and was shortlisted for quite a few, I ttok the first one I was interviewed for and was offered. I was looking round a school last week when I was told that another school showed 150 people round on one day. They were a city centre school on a bust/train line so great for newly qualifieds. My advice would be to have your won transport and apply to slightly out of town schools.

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