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Being observed under the new ofsted framework

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by petrapan, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. Has anyone else been observed yet under the new framework by the SMT at their school? I was graded good with outstanding features using the old framework in December, but this week I was graded satisfactory with many good features [​IMG] I've been told the quality of my teaching was good but pupil behaviour was satisfactory. I can't help but feel dejected about the grade but have been told that the new framework is stricter and many teachers will find they are now graded more harshly. Is this true?
  2. Under the new guidlines I was border line good/satisfactory ( no TA and 2 children didn't start their work straight away, as I was explaining activities to other table). I was told I would have definitely been good under the old grading.
  3. The new grading criteria as tough, and yes, many teachers previously 'outstanding'may well appear to drop down. But remember these are grading standards and as an individual you have not changed - it is a matter of adjusting to new priorities for grading and in time people will. Ultimatley what is more important is that children are learning and enjoying their learning. Sadly teaching is being reduced to other people's ideas of what constitutes good etc. rather than concentrating on the outcome - how the child engages with education and learning. I am of the opinion of what you do is less important than the impact you have. Different teachers can be very successful in very different ways and I object to classifications that there is one set of characteristics that define an outstanding teacher.
    I suspect that Gove and OFSTED are in the process of 'resetting' education achiveement so that in future years politicians can claim 'progress' - at the current measures progress is exceptionally difficult to achieve, e.g. if a school is gaining 9% A* -C how can it achieve significant progress? It cannot. If the overall ataainment is lowered - perhaps by changing the marking or the type of question and such cohorts now achioeve say 60% A* - C then there is much more room for 'improvement'
    Just my thoughts.
    The Sage
  4. We've just been Ofsted-ed under the new framework. Interestingly, all teachers have dropped down a grade or 2 compared to previous formal observations. Even our AST teacher got a satisfactory!!! There's definitely an agenda going on here. I feel sorry for all schools being observed at the moment / in the near future - it truly feels like the inspectors are out to get you on the tiniest thing. I can honestly say I now have no idea whatsoever what constitutes an outstanding lesson. So demoralising and unfair. Just letting off steam!
  5. We have just finished Ofsted and I got satisfactory to good where as all of my previous observations by SMT have been good to outstanding. Bit depressing as didn't think I did anything else different apart from being more nervous.
  6. ESLAB

    ESLAB New commenter

    This could have been me writing! I too have just had Ofsted and was called "weakly good" (never heard that one before)!! Felt awful when the teaching at school got graded "satisfactory" as a whole - we all work so hard and EVERYTHING we do is about the children's learning...it makes you think - what do they want? Blood! Very demoralising when we are doing a fantastic job - something, somewhere, isn't right for this to be allowed to happen...There MUST be a different way?

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