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Being Inspected - ideas/advice on a lesson.

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by tillydream, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. Dear All,
    I wondered if any of you could offer some advice please. I'm the only teacher of Drama in a very small school that is undergoing inspection this week. I've only just started the edexcel course and am currently with my Year 10 on 'Isolation outsiders' practice for Unit 1 topic. (Edexcel). The point I've come to is the witch trial. They have met and discussed (roleplay) the likelihood of their being a witch in the village (Beth cross poem and Engraving) and the lesson finished with them writing 2 power point slides - what had they done well at, what did they need to improve upon using drama vocabulary. Next lesson, the one I'm being observed on is supposed to be the trial.......terrified it could all go horribly wrong!! Any suggestions most welcome.

  2. I'd do...
    Whole Group still images of the trial, set up by group decision.
    Marking the Space
    Just the villagers though, the judges/witchy have not arrived yet.
    Sequence 3 still images,
    1 - 5 minutes later, nobody important has arrived, everybody waiting
    2 - 20 minutes later, still no-one.
    3 - 40 minutes later
    Thought Track villagers
    Spontaneous Improvisation, with Teacher in Role as some intermediary, maybe a clerk of some sort, explaining the delay- maybe there might not be a trial after all
    Conscience Alley, Int/Ext, as "Witch" arrives, escorted by guard, etc


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