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Being Called by my name to my face

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by thattallteacher, May 10, 2012.

  1. Hello,

    I am a NQT at my local secondary school. I live locally and it is also the school where 3 of my 4 children go. This means that alot of the children know me or at least know my children and therefore could easily find out my name if they don't already know it. I have to say I have very few problems with this. If a student calls me by my first name it is usually by mistake in the corridor when they are saying hello and I just remind them that is Mrs Anderson in school. I tend to tackle new classes with a disclaimer along the lines of "Yes, I do have 3 children here, yes, my first name is no secret as you only have to ask pretty much anyone to find out. They don't use it in school so you don't need to, any other questions?" It tends to work a treat and I have not had any problems with it at all.
  2. Cheesypop is correct. Good post.
    A strategy that I've used is to tell pupils my name, then say that I'd prefer it if they called me by my nickname. This usually leads to them begging to know what it is, then a dawning realisation that they've been had when I eventually say "...Sir!".
  3. They call us by our first names here in Andalusia too I think it's part of the reaction against authority that occurred post-Franco, but I think it's going too far. As another poster says, there is a difference between kids and teachers.. I don't like it at all, really goes against the grain, so as it's an English class, I get them to call me "teacher"
  4. If we did go down the first-names route, perhaps the thing to do would be to use Teacher as the title. E.g. Teacher Bob, Teacher Alice so as to differentiate between pupil and teacher. In first-name schools, doesn't it cause some confusion when teacher and pupil have the same name?
  5. Why?
    My pupils just about always call me Sir. It is quicker than my name.
    I have no problem with it. They have no problem with it.
    By the time they get older they still use that title even if in the 6th form. Why is it an issue for you?
  6. When kids ask me what is my first name... I always say it is Mrs.


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