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Beijing Inside Info wanted....

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by AllHeartsAndFlowers, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. I haven't heard of Downtown Village, but Dongzhimen is pretty central. You could walk to lots of bars and restaurants from there, and it's about the best underground station for links with other lines. Very busy, but great once you've got your bearings. I know lots of people that live in that area.
    Whether you'll like it depends on your family situation (if you've got small children crossing the roads can be a bit tricky), and where your school is. If your school is in central Beijing it's probably a great location.
  2. momentofclarity

    momentofclarity New commenter

    Good to hear about the transport. The school is out towards the airport near the nexus of what appears to be several schools. Hopefully will like it, just my wife and I with no kids so not a big deal about traffic - although I do have to be reminded to look both ways sometimes. Thanks.

  3. I agree with previous poster. Dongzhimen is central. We usually refer to The village as Sanlitun Village, the hub for bars, restaurants, clubs and shops in Sanlitun area. It's full of expats over there, so you should find it easy to settle.
    If your school is in Shunyi though (where most int. schools are), be prepared for long commute (40 minutes at best).
    I am not sure which school you are going to, but some will provide transports for their staff. If not, taxis are relatively cheap, but traffic can be quite bad and so which ever way, 40 minutes is probably a minimum. There is a new Tube station from Shunyi, and once you get used to Beijing and its customs, buses (very cheap) go there too.
    you can PM me if you want more info.
    Good luck with your move. Beijing is a great place to live. I love it :)
  4. clairei87

    clairei87 New commenter

    I am currently living in downtown Beijing, just a little out from Sanlitun on the 4th Ring Road and commute to Shunyi everyday. Our school puts on a staff bus and we get there in around 30 minutes or so, from Dongzhimen definitely looking at 40mins. Generally it's not too bad.

    Nice area to live in! If you have any questions PM me. Shunyi is nice, but pretty much all housing compounds and not much else so a lot of families living there. What do I wish I had known? Hmm..that it takes quite a long while to get your bearings & therefore a while to settle in. I moved in August and didn't get my bearings around where I live until December!! Get out and do loads of hikes to get out of the city once in a while. Other than that I think you'll love Beijing, it is certainly different and takes a long time to get used to but now that I'm leaving in a few weeks time I kind of wish I was staying and will miss its quirks!
  5. cityfree

    cityfree New commenter

    Where is the Shunyi tube stop? What is it called?
  6. StrangePanda

    StrangePanda Occasional commenter

    I think that it is the International Exhibition Centre stop. You'll still need to cycle or get a taxi from there to your school, I'd imagine.

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