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Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by sneezal, May 21, 2019.

  1. sneezal

    sneezal New commenter

    Hi, have joined a small primary school in January and after teaching since 1996 I'm really doubting my skills. The behaviour is very wearing and the children don't show any respect for me. Its bearable when the class has been split in the mornings, sharing with a supply teacher but as soon as they get together again in the afternoon the arguments start and following the new behavioural ladder they refuse to go to other members of staff. They don't seem to hear my voice.
    Its low level disruption, borrowing pencils from tables any excuses for getting out of their seats, making funny noises and 'singing' denying they're doing anything wrong and then angry banging on the tables (some) when I tell them to stop.
    They are running rings around me. Any tips and advice would be very welcome. Thank you x
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  2. pepper5

    pepper5 Star commenter

    That sounds awful. Is it a year six class?

    Please do not doubt your skills as defiance in students seems to be a recurring theme on these forums. There is a thread about this topic over on workplace dilemmas.

    Old methods used to work, but now it seems they do not.

    You are a very experienced teacher so it is difficult to know what to suggest since you have probably tried the regular things most people would try like rules/routines etc..

    What does your line manager have to say? When the term ends will you have a different class in September?

    Perhaps you need to be a bit firmer and a bit stricter...no treats, games, fun until the class works together as a team and the bickering stops and all cooperate.

    Ultimately if you are not getting any support and things do not change I would find another school as working day aftwr day in a class like that wouldnt be much fun.
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  3. sneezal

    sneezal New commenter

  4. sneezal

    sneezal New commenter

    Its yr 3 4 the yr3s will stay with me next year, HT is worried about me and I am considering going back to my last school which was not so good in different ways. You are right, not much fun!
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  5. pepper5

    pepper5 Star commenter

    Although you have taught for many years in all that time have you ever had an unruly class like the one you have now?

    What strategies does the Head suggest?

    It sounds as though the Head needs to sit down with you and together devise a plan of attack - no treats, no fun, no games until the behaviour is sorted.

    I work in secondary so not much experience of years 3 and 4, but if that behaviour is not addressed then I shudder to think of them in year 8 upwards.

    You could have a look on the Pivotal Education web site they have some free resources which you might get some new ideas from.
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  6. sneezal

    sneezal New commenter

  7. sneezal

    sneezal New commenter

    The Head has split the class in the morning and put an extra TA in on one morning, its the afternoon sessions that are worse. Also I have been asked to plan a scheme of work for next term to make mine and get the pupils to love learning and me to get back to how I teach but right now I can't face it, plus the thought of all the marking and sharing of planning I need to get done over the break is making me feel sick.
  8. pepper5

    pepper5 Star commenter

    Hi sneezal

    Perhaps the Head could give you extra help for the afternoon sessions. At least you know where the most troublesome points are. Regarding the sharing of planning and marking, you could try this.

    Firstly, you need some time off from work this week for your health. So say, perhaps today, Sunday and Monday you could take those 3 days off completely.

    Secondly, you cannot do everything and work miracles, so make a list of all the things you want to complete before school begins and mark them A, B, C. As are all the things you MUST do, Bs are all the things you have to do, Bs after the As, and Cs are things that are nice to do if you can.

    Look at your list and ask yourself is it urgent? Is it important?

    Once you have your tasks, then think of the fastest way to do it. Look on the resource section on here to see if there is anything you can use that is free and you can change it around for what you need or use as is. To ask you to create a scheme of work to the pupils love of learning back is rather broad.

    Perhaps have a topic they would enjoy? They could research the topic with your help and perhaps have a parents day or something where the parents come in to look at the work. It has to be something fun but simple. Your Head should have given you some tips for this, but perhaps you could post your query over on the Primary forum.

    Personally, I would teach them how to be considerate but I don't suppose that is what the Head is looking for.

    Mark the work in the most minimalist way you can get away with.

    It is only a few more weeks until the end of term and then you will have a proper break and consider whether to stay in this school or go back to your other school.
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  9. sneezal

    sneezal New commenter

    the ideas for the SOW are all on paper I have had help from a member of MAT which has been helpful I just need to put it into a format, first week in full and then L.O.s for the following weeks. I know the skills etc its just doing it as I'm just so low.
    The thought of having to teach the children (not all of them) next year when thy don't listen to me now is horrid. Thanks for your posts by the way x
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  10. pepper5

    pepper5 Star commenter

    Take today, tomorrow and Monday completely off. You are tired after a hard year with this class and need some rest. Three days complete rest and you still have the rest of the week to finish your work and also to get some more rest in.

    Any chance of a TA in the afternoon?

    If you had two adults in the room it will be a lot easier.

    What rules do the school use for classroom behaviour?
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  11. sneezal

    sneezal New commenter

  12. sneezal

    sneezal New commenter

    I find I can't switch off and the work I need to do is always on my mind. The school have just introduced a behaviour ladder which the children in my class love to get on the top 2 sections but refuse to go to the SLT if they are in the orange or red sections.
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  13. pepper5

    pepper5 Star commenter

    Hi sneezal

    I know it is difficult to switch off when you have a dilemma like the one you have, but if you try to make yourself rest away from it for a couple of day or more if you can, then you will go back to the problem fresh.

    Didn't you mention you might be leaving the school to go back to a previous school? If that is the case, then console yourself with the fact you only have a few more weeks to go. You have done well to stick it out as long as you have.

    Perhaps the behaviour ladder system isn't suitable for your group. I don't know much about that particular system, but it sounds as though it perhaps gives too many chances and too much room for discussion.

    Perhaps the Head just needs to do something simple like go in and stamp down on it by TELLING them what to do and when they are going to do it or else their parents will be called.

    Try calling the parents on Friday of the children who behaved well and worked hard. That will lift your spirits plus the well behaved ones aren't being forgotten.

    Definitely take off today and tomorrow.
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