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Discussion in 'New teachers' started by Biscuitsneeded, May 26, 2011.

  1. Ooh I could have written that. I have 3 Y7 groups - two are fine and one is absolutely feral. I can manage known miscreants in Y9 far better than the little b****** in Y7!! They can't stay in their seats, won't shut up, constantly bicker and squabble with each other, have phones out, make up out, throw books out of the window, never have pens etc etc. I would be so depressed by teaching them if I didn't have other groups where the learning is clearly happening - not to say there aren't things I can improve on but I feel I have exhausted all the usual channels. I have them p6, which doesn't hep either as they have maybe used up all their ability to concentrate by that point.
    I am guessing from your user name that you teach MFL. I do too, and I suspect it is one of the most challenging subjects when the kids aren't naturally very ready to sit and concentrate. I know my particular group is weak overall and French is maybe more difficult for them than other subjects.
    So far I have not been observed with this group but like you I am worried I might not be deemed satisfactory - certainly I will admit that I don't think the lessons are satisfactory. I am part-time so not nearing the end of induction just yet, but I don't want to fall at the final hurdle because of this group.

    One thing that has helped a bit is sending 6 or 7 of the more docile ones to work with the language assistant, putting the 3 worst offenders in time out as soon as they kick off and therefore being left with a much smaller group. I can then make them sit apart from anyone else and we get something done. But the assistant is leaving this week!

  2. kazbrum

    kazbrum New commenter

    Ditto!!! I also teach languages. Some days I feel like a complete failure as a teacher. Some groups make consistency such an impossible concept as I feel like I am fighting constant low level stuff, even though I have called home, given detentions, used reports etc.
    My Y8 bottom set are the main issue at the minute. They seem to have a complete 'can't be ars*d' attitude. I have tried praising/punishment, but nothing seems to be working at the mo. I ask them to copy some stuff off the board, they copy half of it, and don't add the English. I can't do 'fun' activities as they haven't put the effort in to the basics first so don't have the language they need to do them properly. It's got to the point where I'm checking their books before they leave to see who will get detention for not doing the work that I asked. It's exhausting. Not helped by the fact they point blank refuse to do any sort of oral work, which is a bit of a problem in French!!!
    Sorry that I don't have any suggestions, but it's always nice to know that at least you're not the only one feeling like this :-(
    Chin up, not long to go... x

  3. I can defiantly relate to these posts, one of my year 8 classes was so disruptive. I spoke to my head of department about the issues I had been having as it really brings you down as you feel like your failing as a teacher. Her tips were so helpful and the one I found the most useful was an app called class charts. The use of this and the continued support from my department really helped and I can definitely see a difference with my class by using these behaviour points in class charts. Hope this will help you as well,

    Best of luck

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