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Behaviour Problems

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by Alibalibumblebee, Nov 18, 2015.

  1. Alibalibumblebee

    Alibalibumblebee New commenter

    Hi l have just started working with a year three girl who runs out of class all of the time up to 10 times in any one day. l would really likevto get to the bottom of why and would like any ideas as to where l could get some inspiration as to what to do and how to deal with this type of situation. She has been like this since reception class. There seems to be no direct action or trigger it can be anything from no being able to read a number to writing a word and having to rub it out or cross it out. Help please it is only a temporary job but l would really like to help her .
  2. Saland45

    Saland45 New commenter


    Hard to say without knowing much about the child ...I did come across this once in a junior school and the child, a girl, similar age, would leg it over the wall of the school if you didn't act quickly...but she was a looked after child and had a lot of other stuff going on, which obviously I am assuming this is not the case with the child you are with...if you are new to the school and the child has been there since reception have any other staff got some ideas? Have you seen the child's file? That might give you some clues.....sometimes those egg timers are quite useful, you can get ones with various timings so if it is she is not sitting down at all for say literacy you could try that and reward with ticks on a chart, stickers etc or to earn extra play time or something she really enjoys or wants....I had a lad who really loved those let's walley books and used those to motivate him...if he completed a task we would go and have a set time going through the book.....you just have to try different things, different tactics!!! Good luck xx
  3. KatKam33

    KatKam33 New commenter

    Does she just run off to be alone? Perhaps you could set up a 'tent' in a quiet corner of the class room. A space just for her to go into if she needs to. At least it would save you from having to put out a search party every time. You could explain that you understand she needs somewhere to go when she's upset, but that you want to keep her safe. You could promise her that no one else (even you) would follow her in. Then she could come back out on her terms once she's feeling better.
  4. Belle60_3

    Belle60_3 New commenter

    Sounds like there's a possibility she doesn't like to fail. Perhaps boost her confidence by starting with stuff you know she'll get right and give lots of praise. Then move on to new stuff, explaining as best you can that it's fine to get things wrong and that everybody gets it wrong to begin with, even the teachers did - it's how we learn.

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