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Behaviour policy just not working in KS2!

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by Imsdal, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. Apart from a few little details this sounds a lot like the school I'm in. The behaviour policy just isn't working in the upper end of the school. Lots of sympathy though no advice -I'll be keeping my eyes peeled though for others' thoughts.
  2. An IBP is only effective if the sanction and/or the reward are meanful to the child.
  3. Kit 909
    Exactly! Cosy chat and no deterent! HT doesn't like child to miss break/lunch time as he's White/Afro Caribean and according to his (HT's) data needs to be able to run around! (HT has recently got some fancy data recording system which allows him to do lots of juggling according to lots of statistics which is now yet another excuse for various behaviours!!)
    Have on occasion got completely fed up with the system and stuck said child outside class in corridor with work to do and no one to talk to. Hates it and doesn't like it!!

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