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behaviour management

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by GreenyBee, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. GreenyBee

    GreenyBee New commenter

    Hello there,
    I completed my GTP in December and have stayed at the same school for my NQT. I have swapped classes though (as of Jan) to cover for an absent member of staff,
    I am really struggling with all my classes and today one of my year 8's asked why it was that people behaved in other classes but not mine. I know I have problems with class management but it is really getting me down. I give detentions but I feel it is a reflection of how bad I am when I have so many kids turning up for detentions at the same time. Even in deentions I can't get some of them to be quiet and listen.
    I have read and listened to so much that describes techniques such as saying, 'turn round Johnny and face the front, thank you', not being confrontational and not shouting but I don't feel that this is really working. I feel that my eternal patience is making me appear weak and not in control. I am too soft and want to toughen up but I don't want to control the class through fear but respect. I don't feel that I have respect at the moment and I see some of the pupils faces looking at me as if to say 'please do something -we want to learn'.
    H E L P !
    All advice will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hello,

    Sorry to hear of the problems you've been having, I know first hand how hard behaviour management can be, having troublesome classes can be so draining. I spoke to one of my fellow teachers who advised me to try this app called class charts. I've created seating plans using it and I give out behaviour points to pupils, according to either positive or negative behaviour. Hope this app will help you with your issues,

    Best wishes
  3. EmmyCD

    EmmyCD New commenter

    Please do not feel guilty. You're not their regular teacher and they are pushing the boundaries with you. I am still an NQT but my school rolls up half a term early. The difference in behaviour between my different sets of classes is ridiculously different. My classes from last year challenged me constantly. Now students know who I am (and students talk!) things are a lot better. I have had a dramatic drop in disruptive behaviour.

    Make a big fuss of classroom rules. I did that during the first lesson. I made 5 simple rules which are in line with the main school policy. For homework the students had to make a pretty version of these rules to stick in their book. Refer back to the rules ALWAYS. Sanction those who even nudge them. Call home, set detentions etc. Your HOD/HOF should support you with this.
  4. Tom_Bennett

    Tom_Bennett Occasional commenter

    You're just new. This perfectly normal, don't sweat. The fact that you're doing so many detentions is a credit to you, not a shame to your name. This is the medicine your classes need until they learn to behave properly. It isn't a reflection on your virtue, but a token of the emergent relationship you possess between you and your classes.Be patient; be kind to yourself; be hard as hell on kids that misbehave. The odd thing is that, once you've worn them into a healthy shape, most of them will start calling you a great teacher. It's the irony at the heart of naughty kids and behaviour management :)

    Good luck


    Read more from Tom here on his blog
  5. MisterW

    MisterW New commenter

    Am I the only one who has noticed that this post was made in January 2012? Such is the dedication of the TES community that they are still offering advice, just on the off chance that the OP may be looking!

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