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behaviour management strategy.

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by tinkeranabell, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I am beginning a teaching practice in reception soon and the theme while I am there is animals. I thought of implementing my own behaviour managment strategy surrounding the theme of animals. The children are in class groups so I thought that each group could have a picture of a farm setting and then if they show good behaviour, good work etc they can add a farm animal to their group farm picture. Then at the end of the week I could count them up and the group with the most gets a prize or certificate. My class teacher thinks it's a good idea.
    Any thoughts from others?
  2. Sounds good. All I would say is to make sure that it is all well-organised, and the resources kept handy so you're not rooting around for animal pictures in the middle of trying to deliver a lesson. The best behaviour strategies are those that cause the least distraction.
    Also, were you thinking of using animal stickers or animal toys? I would recommend stickers - once they're on they're on - less likely to mysteriously disappear!
    Be ready for all those children who come and ask for a sticker (or whatever) because they have been sooooo good, and have your answer ready as to why the teacher decides who gets the stickers.

  3. Thank you =) I was going to print off animals and put blue tack on them so can reuse the charts. But will make sure the children cant change them by putting them somewhere safe until plenary. Hope it works trying to think of new exciting ways to manage the behaviour and so that I am thinking of my own ideas. Also thinking of something to implement in the ICT area as behaviour can sometimes be an issue there.

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