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Behaviour management in MFL

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by musiclover1, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    It's the 2nd adult witness in the room that curbs their behaviour. It doesn't matter who that adult is, it's someone who can back up your version of incidents so they don't bother trying it on!
    It makes it clear to me that you are not the problem, and as they will behave when you are observed, the observers will witness your competence and be able to report back to parents that they are quite happy with how YOU conduct yourself.
    You now need to contact parents when you are not happy with how their children are behaving in your classes. Actually, hold off until your observations have been done but make sure that you let your HOD know about those who are being troublesome and they can decide whether home needs to be contacted.
  2. musiclover1

    musiclover1 New commenter

    Thank you for this encouraging advice, jubilee.
  3. musiclover1

    musiclover1 New commenter

    I think lack of communication with my HoD is definitely an issue. The fact that she doesn't teach German, but only French and Spanish doesn't help - I just don't think she's interested. She's never asked about those individuals messing about in my lessons - she's only interested in me improving my behaviour management. Plus she comes in as the bell goes and leaves straight after school, and she's very busy, so it's not easy to find time to talk. And I feel guilty bothering her when I know how busy she is and I know she's got a small baby is well. I mean, how much of her time can I take up? Can I just put 10 people on Departmental Monitoring? Should I have requested more meetings with my HOD?
    With this meeting now drawing closer I'm starting to feel anxious and guilty that I haven't bothered her more, and I'm worried that the fact that I haven't involved her more is going to count against me.
    What do you think, is it her duty to look after me, or is it my duty to involve her more?
  4. salsera

    salsera New commenter

    I've just been looking through your thread
    1) if you have a letter and paperwork about a "formal" meeting can I ask you to please contact your union rep in school or the local office before the meeting. You need someone else in the meeting with you to take notes (you put capability? in brackets so I assume you feel threatened by this)
    2) this issue seems to have been going on for a long time and your HOD is evidently not around to support you (there are lunchtimes as well) and as someone else said that is her job. But I would also ask what support you have had from the heads of year too. Surely they should have some input to supporting you as it seems all has been done on a teacher & department level and yet there is still no improvement in behaviour.
    Do these students also misbehave in other lessons? Do you log these on SIMs or other behaviour programme. Have a look through at what other teachers have said about these students in reports too. YOu need some kind of ammo when going into this meeting too.
    Good luck

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