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Behaviour Management at a new school

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by stephjane, Jul 8, 2012.

  1. Ive been teaching for 5 years now, mainly KS2 and have just finished a year in a Y5/6 class.
    This September I will be moving to KS1 and to a new partner school as a secondment. The new head has very high standards.
    We recently had 2 transition days to meet our class. I went in armed with stickers and smiley/sad faces for the whiteboard to put names under. Only to be told on the second day that this was not appropriate and I was not to do it. Bear in mind there was a very long list of names under the smiley face and not a single name on the sad face, despite this being a challenging class! She said they use verbal praise and don't display those that have been good/bad as she doesn't want the parents to see. But I could give as many stickers as I wanted! I later learnt from a TA that they often miss playtime if they misbehave as well..excuse my stupidity but how does this differ from names on a board?
    I've worked in a few schools all with different behaviour policies of varying simplicity and complexity..but never before have I been told not to do something like names under smiley faces on a whiteboard.
    I'm now really struggling with the best way to manage the behaviour of this class...

    Any ideas? The concept is lots of verbal postive reinforcement and praise but when there are a large number of children who struggle to sit still and listen the well behaved and quite children can't hear the verbal praise!

    Would welcome any ideas or thoughts please!
  2. Unhappy faces.....why do we do this to children?? It's negative, humiliating and I bet it is only ever the same 4 or 5 children who end up under the unhappy face. This, therefore, confirming to their self-esteem that they make people constantly unhappy. Makes me cringe. Sorry!

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