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Behaviour/Golden time tracker

Discussion in 'Primary' started by upsadaisy, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. upsadaisy

    upsadaisy New commenter

    I have looked at all the usual and fab teacher download sites, but I just don't see anything inspiring. My new class had a fair few problems in Reception and I want them to be aware of how they are doing in the class, but also something I will remember to use (repeating this in my head). I have had in the past a football display, frogs on lily pads but they just didn't cut it.

    So what do you all use or recommend?

    Thank you
  2. I'm an NQT so I have no idea how this will work but it seems like a good idea for me at the minute. I'm in year 5 this year and as a whole class behviour monitor I made a golden clock (for golden time - what a genius haha) counting down from 60 to 5. The hand is attached with blu-tack so as they misbehave I can take time off - they can see clearly and I can see how much time has been taken. For individuals I have just added a laminated 'Time Out' sheet underneath where I can write their names and how much time they are missing. Obviously then can earn the time back. No idea if that helps!

    When I was looking through the websites for ideas I came across a sun (good) rain clouds (bad) and the children had their names on hot air balloons, which they could move around.

    Hope you get an idea soon! xx
  3. louiseelsiet

    louiseelsiet New commenter

    Ooo I like this idea and may steal it as I've not yet sorted a golden time display. [​IMG] Would possibly make a clock and attach children's names to the 60 minutes then move their names as they miss time. Is that what you mean? Fab idea!
  4. Hi hope this helps!
    I have golden time cards stick on classroom wall - 30mins smily face going down in 5min intervenals each time they have had three warnings they go donw by 5 mins so its a visual reminder -some people let the children win golden time back but I dont and it seems to work.

    Also theres a rainbow system which works well. I have a whole class sticker chart on my wall. There a rainbow, sun, white cloud, then black cloud stick on my wall, each morning all the childrens names start on the sun. If they move up to the rainbow because they have behaved exceptional well or for an excellent piece of work whatever they get a sticker on their stickerchart- When they have 20 stickers on their chart they get a prize for prize box.
    If they have had their first warning and needed time out they move down to the white cloud if their behaviour continues they go on the black cloud and they miss their playtime or sent to the head or whatever your procuedures are.
    I know this system has worked for several teachers with difficult or challenging children/classes.
  5. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Not generally a good idea. You can then get children being little so and sos all day on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, then angelic on Thursday and Friday and so effectively get away with the bad behaviour.

    You will definitely be better off, especially with year 5, not allowing them to earn it back. Once lost, it is lost.
  6. Totally agree with this! It really happens in the pattern like that. Ive seen it happen in ks2 class a couple of years back there was nearly a class riot from the children who are always golden and they felt this was unfair!
    sorry to be negative!
  7. You may have seen the usual download site, but we've recently launched a new site with loads of resources for behaviour management with behaviour trackers, posters and certificates.
    Please have a look here...

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