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Before I waste days of my life...

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by Andrew Jeffrey, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. Andrew Jeffrey

    Andrew Jeffrey New commenter

    ...does anyone know whether this idea already exists?

    I love ALWAYS, SOMETIMES, NEVER as a maths activity. T|his morning while half awake on a train I realised how useful it would be to have a book full of different sets of always sometimes never cards.

    Each set would be for a particular topic at a particular level, so there would for example be a level 2 set on 2-d shapes, a level 3 set on 2-d shapes, etc. up to level 5, then a level 2 set on multiplication and division, then 3, 4, up to level 5.

    And so on.

    Would this be useful, and if so, has it already been done? It would probably be a few days' work to get some really good questions together and make a book of copymasters.

    Even more useful presumably would be a CD ROM, so that they can be printed out as pdfs. And maybe a blank word document so that teachers can make up their own.

    Or better still, perhaps an A4 copymaster book with a CD-ROM included.

    So - anyone seen anything like this? I don't want to re-invent the wheel!

    (I'll ask on Primary as well but I know how knowledgeable and helpful you guys can be so I though it was worth asking on here too.)
  2. The APP toolkit from Modilearninghas some of them but I would love to see a larger selection. I know that I can get them from a variety of sources or, heaven forbid, design my own, but it would be excellent to have the sort of resource you are suggesting which pulls them together.

    I'm trying to convince all my department of the advantages of using the APP toolkit. I love the way it is presented even if there are some mistakes in it. Attractively designed, easy to use and with an excellent (but not comprehensive) coverage of topics. No. I am not associated with Modilearning in any way in case people are wondering!
  3. DM

    DM New commenter

    Why bother? APP is a dirty word as far as the new Government are concerned.
  4. DM

    DM New commenter

    or a dirty set of initials ...
  5. https://www.ncetm.org.uk/community/thread/48700
  6. Tandy
    "Why bother? APP is a dirty word as far as the new Government are concerned."

    Simply because I like a lot of the activities (and worksheets and 'tests') and feel that they help develop pupils understanding.
    I teach in Wales so the whole APP business has never affected us but I still enjoy seeing pupils working together on problems. We have to incorporate a lot of "skills" into our curriculum under the Welsh Assembly National Curriculum and these activities tick a lot of boxes. We don't actually need to tick any boxes a la APP but they will keep the ESTYN (Ofsted) inspector happy. Probably 80 to 90% of my teaching remains very traditional and I slot these in where I feel they will aid learning. I have used Tarsia jigsaws for many years as well as other investigations but this kit seems to pull them together well into 1 resource.
  7. Up to age 14:
    Test what is easily testable (allowing teachers to override the test if they know students can do it).
    Teacher/student/peer assess the aspects of maths education which are valuable but not easily testable.
    APP is a mess becuase it is trying to do the latter to the easily testable things which is totally inefficient and draws attention away from the things which do need to be personally assessed.

  8. The thread seems to have drifted, for which my apologies. Weebecka, I find your point interesting but I'm not sure I quite follow it. Perhaps you could give specific AFs as examples?
  9. Andrew Jeffrey

    Andrew Jeffrey New commenter

    Thanks mathmo2000, I quite agree that if it were 'just another textbook' this would not be necessarily good for shelves or rainforests.
    I think what I was envisaging was a teacher printing out sets of cards for small groups of children to sort, rather than it being a textbook activity. The whole purpose of this activity in my mind is the discussion that comes from the decision-making process.

    What I was driving at was whether or not a comprehensive collection spanning a range of topics and levels existed anywhere. So far it appears not, despite lots of examples of individual sets being available.

  10. If you email them they will correct the mistakes and send you the updated version.
  11. Yes, I agree with Andrew, much better to have sets of cards. Whilst I'm a big fan of sometimes/always/never I'm not sure it's something readily applicable to all topics. The APP Maths Toolkit has twenty plus activities for each level 1 to 8. Some are sometimes/always/never, some are matching or ranking activities. Some are fairly straight forward 'tarsia' style but most would have taken us ages to make (or more likely we wouldn't have found the time). I can see why the people who made it put the badge 'APP' but I think that might put some off.


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